What we do

FEDEC’s actions contribute significantly to improving the evolution and the structuration of arts education allowing to bring recommendation to European policies on education and training in the arts and in general, and on culture, youth, sport and employment.


Since 1998, the FEDEC has supported the development and structuring of circus arts education and training in Europe and beyond. 

As the only network linking together almost every professional circus school in the world, the FEDEC represents and promotes the interests of the vocational circus arts education sector at a national, European and international level.
It listens closely to its members’ needs to tailor its projects and actions more effectively. Consultation and regular discussions contribute significantly to moving our sector forward and ensuring it is recognised, and also contribute to other more general European policies on education and training, culture, youth, sport and employment.

The FEDEC sets great store by the principle of consultation and the bottom-up approach which promotes recommendations and expertise direct from the field. It ensures that all of its members are consulted and involved so that they can influence debate on themes concerning the sector and develop synergies with other civil society players, national and European institutions and international organisations. It sets up thematic consultations and also encourages the exchange of know-how and best practice between its members to develop and set up new schools and new initial training projects for students, continuing training programmes for teachers, student exchanges and creations, and publications.

The FEDEC initiates and is also a partner of advocacy actions taken at an intrasectoral level (circus: with other member or partner networks: CircostradaEYCO, the FFECFSEC and Territoires de CirqueJTCE –Circus next) which enables the definition of the issues and joint policy positions to be promoted within the sector as well as at a European, national, regional and local level. At an intersectoral level (education and training, youth, employment), it joins forces with other networks and initiatives of which it is a member or a partner for joint actions at a European level (Lifelong Learning PlateformEuropean Youth Forum – Yo !Fest , ESCO project,Creative Skills Europe - European platform for employment and training in the audiovisual and live performance sectors).