Who we are

The FEDEC supports the development and evolution of training, education and creation in the field of circus arts.

Its missions and goals are as follows:

  • To improve the quality of circus arts education, creation and innovation
  • To strengthen the governance, leadership and management of training institutes through facilitating mutual learning, the exchange of experience and the transfer of best practice
  • To strengthen the links between the training levels – leisure, secondary, vocational and higher – through international peer exchanges (training programmes, seminars, brainstorming sessions and studies)
  • To improve European mobility for students, teachers, directors, technicians and administrators
  • To develop educational exchanges in the form of collective creations, continuous training and e-learning, and to develop freely accessible innovative educational tools
  • To encourage applied research in fields connected with circus arts education
  • To strengthen the international dimension of schools and training programmes thanks to improved cooperation between its members and the partner organisations in Europe and in other parts of the world
  • To promote the work of young artists in training by organizing artistic development exchanges and co-producing shows
  • To help them enter the job market by strengthening collaboration and synergies with the professional sector (troupes, companies, residency locations, festivals, national unions or federations and leisure schools)
  • To post job, residency, creation and cooperation opportunities on the FEDEC website
  • To support its members and encourage their structuring and recognition initiatives locally, regionally and nationally
  • To support the recognition of training programmes as centres of creation, innovation and research
  • To advocate training programmes at a local, regional, national, European and international level, and produce sector recommendations for stakeholders in Circus Arts education
  • To work for recognition of the specific characteristics of circus arts education and its occupations
  • To contribute as a partner network of the European Commission - DG EAC and DG EMPL (ESCO) – to the European policies on education and arts training, recognition of professions and employment prospects through sector recommendations
  • To raise awareness among its members and partners of European policies on education and training, culture, youth and employment, and develop their capacity to actively contribute to them
  • To monitor the sector through consultations and surveys among its members and partner networks
  • To analyse the data and issue recommendations on future developments