Who we are

The focus groups each have a theme and work on the issues encountered by the FEDEC’s 3 main target audiences: students, teachers and pedagogical directors & directors.

They are made up of professionals and provide an opportunity to raise issues in the field and come together to share expertise and points of view, as well as launch network discussions and consultations. Their outcomes contribute to the FEDEC’s activities and the network’s future action programme, but also on a wider scale to the different sector and European priorities in the education and training sectors, the arts and employment.



Each focus group is chaired by one or more board members, called “group leaders”. The group leaders are responsible for the work programme and ensure it is implemented to achieve the targets and projects assigned to each focus group.

The focus group leaders generally hold meetings on the fringes of statutory meetings or public relations activities, as well as throughout the year via video-conferencing and exchanging e-mails. 


  1. Focus Group STRATEGY: Overall policy strategy of the network 
  2. Focus Group TEACHERS: Definition of the teaching profession, needs in terms of continuing training and planning and design of continuing training weeks, writing of freely accessible multilingual educational tools
  3. Focus Group DIRECTORS: Enhancement of key competencies of educational and artistic directors, peer exchange workshops and freely accessible multilingual educational tools
  4. Focus Group STUDENTS/creation:  Educational-artistic exchanges and innovative opportunities for promoting students’ creative works. Dialogue with the sector for school-to-work transition and professional opportunities for students
  5. Focus Group STUDENTS/mobility: Analysis of the various forms of mobility, their importance in circus arts training, the acquisition of skills and international employability