Who we are

TEACHERS - Definition of circus arts teaching skills, the planning and design of continuing training and the writing of educational tools

Focus Group TEACHERS arose in the network’s early days from the specific practical needs of circus arts teachers. Extensive consideration has been given to the recognition and definition of the profession and transmission. It is all the more important as a new generation is coming through and innovators are setting out.

The group’s objectives focus on 4 areas:

  • Coordinating the definition of the circus arts teaching profession and its competencies
  • Understanding continuing training requirements and responding to them by implementing a peer continuing training programme
  • Enabling the collaborative writing of multilingual educational tools
  • Promoting the recognition of the profession by organising events and activities led by our members at a national and European level

This group develops transnational and multi-year projects such as SAVOIRS and INTENTS which follow on from the European Educational Exchanges –EPE and Pilot Modules projects.

These FEDEC projects led to the first continuing training programme for circus arts teachers, set up in 2005, and 3 generations of multilingual educational tools which are increasingly tailored to the educational and artistic requirements of FEDEC schools.

Group leaders :

Group coordinator : Gaelle Le Breton european.projects [at] ffec.asso.fr