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EDUCATIONAL DIRECTORS - Enhancement of key skills for educational and artistic directors

This Focus Group DIRECTORS arose from the school educational directors’ need to discuss the realities of their profession of which they are the very first generation. As there are often one or two professional schools in each country (the exception being France), the educational directors need to break free from their isolation and meet their peers formally and informally. The group aims to create permanent opportunities for discussion and reflection on everyday school management problems and enables solutions to be shared and skills enhanced in order to equip current and future educational and artistic directors with expertise references.

The group coordinates the MAILLONS project – Workshops for enhancing the skills of educational and artistic directors and collective educational tools. Its members meet in person twice a year (during the April Annual Conference and the FEDEC Encounters in Auch in October). It plays a supporting role in the FEDEC’s tri-annual programme and organises the network consultation on priority themes for educational leaders, defining a 3-year work programme.

Members coordinating the group :

Group members :

All FEDEC schools' pedagogic, artistic and managing directors taking part inthe workshops and the implementation of pedagogic tools.'élaboration des outils pédagogiques.