STUDENTS/mobility - Analysis of various forms of mobility and their significance in circus arts training and in the acquisition of skills and employability.

Mobility is in the DNA of the circus. It undeniably creates added value during circus artist training. This Focus Group STUDENTS/mobility works on observing and developing the mobility of students pursuing their studies.

It coordinated the ESCALES project which aims to analyse the various forms of mobility for students in training and their fundamental importance as they pursue their career as a circus artist and in the acquisition of key and cross-disciplinary skills, knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills.

The ESCALES project has consulted and mobilised network members in order to measure mobility, document the learning objectives of students leaving and record the added value of their acquired learning, and rethink current sending and hosting arrangements to improve practice and move towards the recognition of existing exchanges. The project has resulted in the publication of the ESCALES survey, a FEDEC Mobility Charter and 2 joint tools:the Mobility Agreements and the Mobility Passport.

Other tools for promoting mobility will be proposed, in particular a system for assessing learning outcomes during mobility via the Mobility Passport and the Creative Diary on Tumblr which tracks the stages in the collective creation seen by the students.

Group leaders :

Group coordinator : Danijela Jovic