What we do

Every year, the FEDEC organises 2 encounters, an opportunity for all of the network members, organisations, professionals and experts in the sector to meet up and continue the work carried out by each Focus Group, review the progress made with the network’s annual programme and ongoing projects, hold our statutory meetings and shape our network priorities in terms of themes and activities.

Designed to be forums for exchange of information and best practice, these events are extremely important for the network. Its forward-looking approach comes directly from its members who identify future priorities in terms of education, pedagogy and the structuring of the circus arts sector.


Every year, a member hosts the FEDEC network Annual Conference. This gathering is an opportunity for all the members to get together in various meetings and workshops, exchange ideas and best practice, and work collectively on network-led projects. The programme includes the General Assembly, a Managing Board meeting, Focus Group meetings and workshops, a themed conference and a Members Forum.


The FEDEC Encounters at CIRCa involve almost 200 people from around 15 different countries working together to contribute to the international dimension of the CIRCa Festival, a hub for contemporary circus creation. Together they form a pop-up “European Circus Arts School”. The CIRCLE project shines the spotlight on student creation by presenting about 8-10 original creations from FEDEC schools over 4 days.

Every year, there is a packed ‘Encounters’ programme which is relevant to every single FEDEC member, as well as to their students, teachers and directors. And, of course, there are the other events at the CIRCa Festival, including shows and professional meetings.