Who we are

Becoming a FEDEC member means, above all, joining a unique worldwide network that works for high quality circus arts training and education.


Above all else, when you become a FEDEC member, you are joining a worldwide network of peers and activists advocating circus arts education and training and contributing to a driving force for building and improving the sector and achieving its recognition. The network relies on stakeholders on the ground, innovators in their fields. It provides a wealth of expertise and opportunities for exchange between key players, including almost all the schools and training programmes in circus arts currently in existence, federations of vocational and leisure/youth schools, national and European networks advocating circus arts and their specific features, information centres, unions, production, distribution and promotion structures, and so on.


•• 10 reasons to become a member ••

  1. Be supported in the development, recognition and sustainability of your school
  2. Meet and interact with peers around the world and with the professional world
  3. Be at the heart of the challenges of the evolution of circus arts education
  4. Participate in our trainings and international educational exchanges
  5. Contribute actively to our publications and research topics
  6. Promote the professional integration of your students
  7. Develop a convincing advocacy for our sector and contribute to the defense of the circus as a major art
  8. Improve the visibility of your school
  9. Be represented at European level
  10. Make European mobility possible for your students, teachers, directors, technicians and administrators


In addition, you will benefit from the support of a Managing Board and a professional and dynamic coordination team that works every day for you!


DO You want to join the network ?

Here are the different steps:

  1. Read our Code of Conduct (to read and download here below) to be sure to adhere to the values ​​of FEDEC
  2. Look at the categories of membership (below): the fees are calculated based on your annual income related to professional or pre-professional training. The fees for partner members are € 200 per year.
  3. Send us an email  and we will send you a membership form and any additional information you may need.
  4. After completing the membership form, we will agree on a Skype appointment together to discuss your request.
  5. Once your file is finalized, it will be sent to the Managing Board members. The Managing Board meets four times a year (January, April, September, October).
  6. If your file is validated by the Board, your application will be presented at a General Assembly and put to the vote of the members. FEDEC organizes two GA/year, one in April, the other in October.

Note: Please note that the entire process may take a few weeks. If you do not want to miss a deadline (for example to participate in an annual conference in spring), we advise you to submit your application for membership at least one month in advance. In addition, if a membership application is received within two weeks of a Board meeting, we will not be able to process it prior to the meeting.


Membership fees are annual, based on a calendar year, and invoices are sent to members in December of the previous year. In order to allow financially more financially-weak schools to join the network, FEDEC has set up contribution categories allowing for greater solidarity between schools.
The new criterion for determining which category the members belong to is the total annual income related to vocational or pre-vocational training.

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