Who we are

Full members are schools, professional training institutions, higher education institutions or teacher training institutions in circus arts which aim to prepare future professional artists. Full members have voting rights at the General Assembly and are eligible for election to the Managing Board (ie, being members of the Managing Board).

They can be divided into two sub-categories, which are:

  • Higher Education institutions delivering a qualification recognised by the state.

These are schools or institutions that offer circus arts training or programmes, entering in the European Qualifications Framework (min 3 years), at the end of which the student is ready to enter the professional sector/the job market and is presented with a state-recognised qualification.
Enrolled students must be studying full-time. Students are accepted on the condition that they are qualified to higher secondary education level.

  • Circus as an option in secondary level studies and vocational training

These are schools or institutions offering full-time circus option training programmes in order to prepare students:
- either with the experience and qualifications needed for students to be admitted into a vocational training school or a higher education institution (min 1 year);
- or for professional life, in which case the professional training (min 2 years) and prepare the students to enter the job market.

According to the statutes of FEDEC, partner members can not represent more than one third of FEDEC members.

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