Who we are

The FEDEC network is more than just a federation. It is a forum for dialogue, reflection and action between sectors which are all too often fragmented, such as schools, artists, civil society, employers, researchers and policy makers.  


Circus Arts education is the youngest sector in arts education, but currently the most structured. There are European networks for each of its segments: leisure and youth circus with the EYCO network, professional training with the FEDEC network, and the employers, producers and presenters who belong to the Circostrada network. By engaging in permanent dialogue with these networks and national and European political structures, the FEDEC seeks to improve the structuring of the sector and guarantee top-class training and professional integration for its students (90% of students find work in the first 3 years).


Since it was founded, the FEDEC has encouraged critical reflection on educational approaches and the development of learning in vocational education structures and, through its collective initiatives, has improved the quality of its member institutions. It serves as a platform for informal and formal discussions and the development of collective projects, and supports the development of the emerging Circus Arts education.

In order to achieve these goals, it regularly consults its members which are organised into 2 categories (full, partner) via its collaborative governance bodies (GA, MB and Focus Groups) and its twice-yearly Encounters. This way of operating places members and the real issues concerning them at the heart of the associative project and encourages the emergence of priority themes, projects, educational tools, information and recommendations. Therefore, the entire network benefits from its members’ active participation and a strong spirit of solidarity based on exchange of information, collaborative reflection on many different levels and the involvement of a full range of expertise.