What we do

The SAVOIRS01 project, initiated in 2012, aims to :

  • Work on the definition of the profession of circus arts teachers by developing a European profile of the profession
  • Develop a competency framework of the profession of circus arts teacher based on a repository of work situations
  • Increase the recognition of the profession and its competencies at European, national and regional levels

The methodology developed to achieve these goals is based on :

  • the organization of individual interviews of teachers in circus arts by researchers to develop a definition of the profession based on the analysis of teachers’ representations of the profession and their career paths
  • the organization of a “focus group” to collect and analyse work situations of those who teach to build a list of situations and feed a competency framework
  • the work of the FEDEC focus group nb.2 (discussions, coordination and validation)

The SAVOIRS01 project results from the previous FEDEC project SAVOIRS00“Reflections on the skills of the profession of circus teachers, and the continuing education needs. Edited in 2011, the SAVOIRS00 publication aimed at drawing up an inventory of qualifications of circus arts teachers, their recognition and their on-going training needs.

SAVOIRS01 involves the active participation of the FEDEC network including through the work of the Focus Group nb. 2 and associated experts. Two organisations, specialised in the definition of the education professions and qualifications, are also involved in this project as external experts:

  • the CEREP – Centre d’étude et de recherche sur l’emploi et la professionnalisation (Centre for Studies and Research on jobs and professionalization),  France
  • the ICQP – Institut Català de Qualificacions Professionals (Catalan Institute of Professional Qualifications), Spain

Besides the work done with SAVOIRS01, the FEDEC also focuses on enhancing the skills of teachers by offering thematic continuous training sessions.

Do not hesitate to contact Gaëlle Le Breton for more information on SAVOIRS01.