What we do

MAILLONS 01 led to a consultation of network schools on the subject of ethics and deontology in education, the development of a joint reflection and a collective stance on ethics and deontology in circus arts education.

The project was conducted from 2011 to 2012 in the form of 3 workshops under the leadership of Marc Levêque, a psychologist and professor at the University of Orléans (France), and an expert in psychological support for top-level athletes and the training of coaches.

These workshops took place during the FEDEC Encounters and enabled a deeper, collective look into the issues related to ethics and deontology in circus arts education:

  • Ethical framework for the profession of circus arts teacher
  • The teachers’ relationship with students and their role in supporting students towards professionalisation
  • Their duties within the teaching team and the circus school as an employer structure

This joint structuring work carried out by the network members resulted in an ethical charter for use by all school directors and circus arts teachers.  

Les ateliers

April 2011 – Chalons en Champagne

The intervention of Marc Levêque set out avenues of work and reflection to be addressed among peers and in each school’s educational team, and some initial thought about the common tools to be created. The result of the discussions and recommendations formulated during the MAILLONS 01 workshops was the Charter on Ethics and Deontology for FEDEC schools.

October 2011 – Auch

The workshop provided an opportunity for each educational team to present their contribution and also share methods and tools currently used in schools to regulate ethical and deontological issues.

April 2012 – Berlin

Based on contributions from schools and network discussions, the project’s associate expert, Marc Lévêque, proposed an initial version of the Charter to the network which was completed and validated during the 3rd FEDEC Internal Conference in Berlin.


The network has a joint tool – the first Charter on Ethics and Deontology – which consists of recommendations and non-binding principles, allowing each school to take up its content and breathe life into it through its educational project.

* Tool developed in collaboration with: Marc Lévêque, schools, focus group nb.3 leaders (Martine Leroy, Marc Lalonde, Martin Gerbier)