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MAILLONS 02 led directors and teachers to look further into circus education, identify challenges and common needs and produce tools to help them as much as possible with their work as a teacher. 

MAILLONS 02 was conducted from 2012 to 2014. The 4 workshops, during which all the members, school educational directors and more specifically professionals involved in providing students with artistic support were consulted, led to the completion of a repertory of arts education exercises and experiences aimed at enhancing the lessons and methods used by circus arts teachers.


April 2012 – Berlin

The workshop took the form of a round table around the issue of “Artistic education, an issue and a tool for the circus of tomorrow?” The variety of standpoints and the wealth of discussion and questions raised demonstrated members’ needs and expectations on this subject, as well as the specific challenges of circus education today.

October 2012 – Auch

The aim of this workshop was to consult the educational and artistic directors and encourage exchange within the network so that common issues and shared working methods could be identified. The focus group identified several requirements:

  • the implementation of teaching and artistic creation strategies
  • the implementation of shared, participatory tools for the educational and artistic management and for the teams
  • the desire to identify methods and tools for teaching and artistic creation in other artistic sectors and how they are used

March 2013 – Copenhagen

A variety of examples of creative exercises was gathered among members, before the workshop took place, in order to create a common tool for the network. During the workshop, the schools’ contributions were organized and classified into a Repertory of creation exercises and experiences. The reflection process also continued in small themed groups and the next steps in the compilation of the Repertory of creation exercises and experiences were planned.

October 2013 – Auch

The first proposal of the future Repertory of creation exercises and experiences was extended with a large number of examples gathered through our questionnaire and validated during the workshop. MAILLONS 02 participants had the privilege of listening to 4 professionals who had been invited to open the discussion around the topic “Artistic Creation and Education”:



The Repertory of creation exercises and experiences 2 brings together a range of about 60 systems/creative exercises shared by about 15 schools that participated in the survey between 2013 and 2015.

This shared tool is available free of charge from the FEDEC website in French and in English. It is one of FEDEC’s Open Educational Resources (OER) which allows our own network of schools as well as other arts schools to enrich their teaching, incorporate new artistic aspects through access to a wide range of artistic research exercises and a variety of methods, and raise the issue of training the teachers supervising these creative exercises.

This Repertory is meant to evolve; therefore it is still possible to contribute to it by filling in the questionnaire with your educational team, including all types of exercises that you would like to share with other schools and education teams.

If you would like to receive the questionnaire, please contact Amandine by email.

1Via videoconference from Douai, France

2Tool developed in collaboration with: schools, focus group nb.3 leaders (Martine Leroy, Marc Lalonde, Martin Gerbier)