What we do

MIROIR is a project that aims to improve the knowledge of the circus art professional training environment and its interaction with the professional world.... Initiated in 2008, it takes place in three phases  MIROIR 01, MIROIR 02, MIROIR 03.

The transition from school to the labour market is an important time in a professional artist’s career. It needs to be planned in advance and supported to avoid a rough start or an early exit in a world where it is crucial to set yourself apart.

Convinced that vocational and higher education schools have a central role to play at this stage, Focus Group STUDENTS-mobility (formerly called no.5) launched a survey in 2015, in collaboration with sociologist Zita Herman, on assistance with finding employment within vocational, higher education schools and professional organisations, and the careers of graduate artists during the past 10 years.

In 2016, MIROIR 03 began with preliminary interviews with consenting employers and professional artists to identify possible developments. A meeting of employers, production and promotion structures members of CIRCOSTRADA and Territoires de Cirque was organised in Auch on October 24th 2016. A survey of professional artists graduated between 2006 and 2016 was launched after FEDEC Annual Conference in Brussels in April 2018.

MIROIR 03 will provide a better understanding of the career paths of schools’ former students, the methods and support systems for helping students into employment used by schools, the artists and the production and promotion structures.