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MIROIR is a project that aims to improve the knowledge of the circus art professional training environment and its interaction with the professional world. Initiated in 2008, it takes place in three phases  MIROIR01, MIROIR02, MIROIR03.

In 2008, the FEDEC launched an extensive project aiming to improve its knowledge of the professional circus arts sector and the training possibilities available to future professional artists. The same year, two parallel research projects were initiated: firstly, one that will allow a better knowledge of artists’ key skills from the employers’ point of view; and secondly, an inventory of training centres in order to build a directory of existing circus arts training centres in Europe and beyond.

MIROIR01 – PArt 1: key skills for circus artists according to the employers of professional artists

This first section of the « MIROIR» project was realised in collaboration with employers of the circus sector. A sample of 45 employers of circus artists, representing different business sectors and different countries, completed a survey or an interview about the key competences they consider to be necessary for professional artists today (technical and artistic qualities, versatility, entrepreneurial skills, teaching skills, etc.). The implementation of this study, all personal interviews, and the questionnaire were realised in cooperation with Pascal Jacob. 

MIROIR01 – Part 2 : Panorama of training

In 2008, the FEDEC also launched a broad online survey addressed to circus arts training centres, aiming to draw up an overview of circus arts training in Europe and beyond. This online questionnaire gathered detailed information on training programmes, qualifications and diplomas, number of students and teachers in each school. A directory of 620 circus training centres in Europe and beyond, including a basic statistical report, was published using this information. The Directory classifies schools according to the type of training they provide: leisure, preparatory, professional, continuing education, and unspecified.