7-8 September 2017, Strasbourg

The world may indeed still be round, and we have certainly never travelled around its surface as much as we do today. Between the cosmopolitan nature of art and the globalised market for higher education, the multiplication of biennials and art fairs and the increasingly international nature of careers and curricula, globalisation has become, now more than ever, a major issue for higher schools of art.

How is this new situation to be approached? According to what principles and with what tools should artists, now necessarily international in nature, be trained and educated? How can standardised systems and pedagogical invention be articulated with respect to each other? Territorial, national, European and global scales? Issues that are artistic, pedagogical, cultural and geopolitical? To better understand today’s world and better identify the place that artists can occupy, the ANdEA, the Association nationale des écoles supérieures d’art, has decided to dedicate its summer seminar to the theme of globalisation and its impact on higher art education.

Beginning with the cosmopolitan nature of art, this seminar has the vocation of sharing the experiences undertaken by French art schools and their guests (personalities, foreign schools, international networks) without separating the main principles (freedom to think, to create, to come and go, etc.) from their modes of implementation. It is clearly a matter of exchanging visions of the world so as to measure how, on the scale of a school or network, resources can be shared, for the benefit of the education of artists and designers.

There will be a simultaneous translation facility and individual appointments so that everyone can take full advantage of the opportunity of an international professional event.

Registration deadline June 26th

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