What we do

Since 2014, FEDEC has been involved in a biannual European political event dedicated to youth, organized by the European Parliament (EP): the “European Youth Event" (EYE). For 2 days, thousands of young Europeans meet virtually and in person at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France) to participate to over 150 exciting proposals, such as debates, workshops and artistic activities. These young people also have the opportunity to develop and provide proposals to the European Union's political bodies during a plenary session, in the presence of the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.

It is in this context that FEDEC is asked by the EP services to offer a series of artistic activities for the young people present in Strasbourg, including a performance especially created for the EYE. We call this artistic creation “CIRC'EYE”.


By participating in this event, circus arts students have the opportunity of getting involved in a circus creation during a European political event. It’s a unique chance to share their passion and talents as young circus artists with a young audience made of new comers.

It is also an opportunity to meet and create a performance with students from other circus schools, to live an enriching intercultural experience that can lead to permanent collaborations, and to perform under professional conditions in front of a large audience.

For a European network active in the field of youth education like FEDEC, this event is an opportunity to give visibility to our sector and to involve our students in a gathering where European citizenship is at the heart of the matter. CIRC'EYE is a true platform of expression, an event of educational, artistic and civic importance.