What we do

In 2016, CIRCa has invited CIRCLE for the 10th year running from 24th to 28th October, 2016.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the FEDEC’s flagship project, 20 schools from 11 different countries have been invited to present collaborative performances in groups of 2 to 3 schools.

The students have met up throughout the academic year in artistic research workshops to create a short-form performance lasting 20 to 30 minutes. They shared with us their feelings and experiences regarding the residencies and their collective work via our Creative Journal - Tumblr account and our Facebook page.  

In total, 4 days of celebration led by FEDEC president Donald Lehn, and vice-president Tim Roberts, during which CIRCa also became the festival of professional circus arts schools around the world.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, 20 schools WEre participating!

CIRCLE shows have been scheduled under the big top in front of the Cathedral:

  • Monday October 24th: 14.30 & 16.30
  • Tuesday October 25th: 14.30, 16.30 & 18.00
  • Wednesday October 26th: 14.30, 16.30 & 18.00
  • Thursday October 27th: 14.30 & 16.30

Here are the collaborations which took part in CIRCLE 2016:

Post-performance discussions, Q&A sessions with the students and the educational teams from the professional schools, took place after each performance at Salinis College.

On Friday October 28th 16.30, the FEDEC invited to round off this fabulous week with a professional  INTENTS (13.30-16.30) and CIRCLE (16.30-17.30) encounter and a party hosted by our classy DJs Mr. Koen Allary (Circuscentrum) and Mr. Jan Daems (Codarts) at the Maison du Festival in the evening.

More information on CIRCa Festival and CIRCa pôle national des arts du cirque – Auch–Gers–Midi-Pyrénées.

All the pictures and the videos of the performances are available in the Resources menu.

We would like to thank the CNAC for the mobilization of CNAC.TV, by the audiovisual production unit of the Cnac, National center of circus arts, Châlons-en-Champagne, France, for directing and editing all CIRCLE performances since the first edition. For this 2016 edition, we would like to thank : Clément Bardet (filming), Raoul Bender (directing), Anne Laure Caquineau (editing), Martine Clair (filming), David Duda (filming), Cyril Thomas and Jeanne Vasseur.

Thanks to Christophe Trouilhet Photolosa and Ian Grandjean Photographe  for the pictures of CIRCLE's 2016 edition.

Thank you to DIAMENT for his drawings of each CIRCLE 2016 performance.