What we do

CIRCLE held its 11th edition as part of the Festival CIRCa. This year, 8 schools coming from 7 different countries were invited to present their shows developed in the context of research workshops led by groups of students. While still in training, up and coming professional circus artists perform reflecting the working atmosphere of their schools.

The CIRCLE performance was held downtown in the Maison de Gascogne.

  • Monday 23 October

3.00pm: Le Samovar (France)
5.00pm: Ecole de Cirque Zôfy (Switzerland)

  • Tuesday 24 October

3.00pm: Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel (Spain)
5.00pm: ACaPA (Netherlands)

  • Wednesday 25 October

3.00pm: NICA National Institute of Circus Arts (Australia)
5.00pm: Circo de las Artes (Argentina)

  • Thursday 26 October

3.00pm: Ecole nationale de cirque Montréal (Canada)
5.00pm: Ecole de Cirque de Lyon (France)

Post-performance discussions with the students performing and the schools’ directors were organised after each presentation in the Maison de Gascogne and allowed to further discover and share the diversity of aesthetic approaches and pedagogical programme of the different vocational schools. 

More information on CIRCa Festival and CIRCa pôle national des arts du cirque – Auch–Gers–Midi-Pyrénées, here.