What we do

MAILLONS 03 is a work and reflection process considering the various facets of support for circus arts students – artistic and professional integration, education, health, social and legal – and the ways in which directors and teachers can intervene.

 2014 has been a year of transition between MAILLONS 02– Developing an artistic and educational project– and MAILLONS 03–Student support/guidance, gradually launched during the 2 workshops in 2014.

In total, 4 aspects of Student support/guidance have been identified and will be addressed during MAILLONS 03:

  1. 2014: health (medical and psychological)
  2. 2015 : social and legal
  3. 2015-2016 : artistic education
  4. 2017: transition to work

 April 2014 – London

The workshop provided the opportunity for drawing up an initial review of the Repertory and defining the search criteria for the Repertory online. The new MAILLONS 03 theme – Student support/guidance was launched. The workshop participants divided into 4 groups to share their experiences of the 4 facets of student support: artistic and professional integration / education / health (medical and psychological) / social and legal.

October 2014 – Auch

In order to address the aspect of health (psychological and medical) of Student support/guidance, 3 internal experts from the network (Martine Leroy – Education and Artistic Director of CDAC Balthazar, Daniela Arendasova – Education and Artistic Director of ENC Montréal and Anna Beentjes – Head of Academics Performing Arts, Codarts Rotterdam) briefly presented some “health” systems (“dispositifs”) set up in their respective schools.

These prompted discussions and peer-to-peer exchanges on the situations most frequently encountered, the different practices in the schools and ways of improving prevention in this field.

April 2015 – Lisbon

The pilot version of the Repertory of creation exercises and experiences was presented to the participants. Like in Auch in 2014, internal experts from the network spoke during the workshop; Silvia Barros, Students Coordinator at Chapitô and Soren Flor, teacher in charge of the higher education training of AFUK/AMoC, briefly presented some “health” systems (“dispositifs”) set up in their respective schools in order to illustrate the 2nd aspect of Student support/guidance: social and legal.

There then followed discussions and exchanges on the practices within member schools, with exchanges on best practice which varies from country to country, from one training system to another or according to the support from the relevant authorities.

October 2015 – Auch

The final online version of the Repertory of creation exercises and experiences was presented to the participants.

Tim Roberts (FEDEC vice-president, National Centre for Circus Arts) & Anne Morin (focus group TEACHERS & INTENTS committee leader, Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel) were invited to present the INTENTS project – continuous training session for teachers – in order to illustrate the artistic education aspect of the ongoing theme Student support/guidance.

April 2016 – Rotterdam

The Workshop was preceded by the Codarts Conference which dealt with one of the MAILLONS 03 topics addressed in 2014: Health and Well-being.

Janine Stubbe, professor of Performing Arts Medicine, presented the Health and Well-being department and the Student Life system set up at Codarts. She was assisted by Diana van Wilden, a PhD student who was nominated for the Young Talent Award in research.

Three Codarts students (Toesi Mizai Kobi, Stefan Bauer and Tarek Ramo) presented their end-of-studies theoretical project on injury and mental health.

MAILLONS joined this conference in order to be able to consider and discuss together the issue of injury in the student training process, as well as address this matter from the point of view of both the student and the school via 3 table discussions

  • Table 1: injury prevention, physical preparation, workload & time management
  • Table 2: frustration of the injury and surpassing it
  • Table 3: influence on the injury on the artistic process

October 2016 – Auch

The focus group focussed on artistic support to complement the current topic "Student's Support/Guidance".

April 2017 – Madrid

The MAILLONS 03 workshop developed the dimension of the artistic pedagogy and creation of its theme Student Support/Guidance through a special workshop presented by Manolis Tsipos, artist and graduate from Amsterdam University of the Arts, about the DasArts feedback method.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce and try out a feedback method, which has proven efficiency, which has been developed at DasArts for students/professionals in art and design.

DasArts’ central aims for those feedback situations are:

  • to empower the artist who is getting feedback on his/her work,
  • to create more structure and a sense of self-discipline, to allow fundamental criticism,
  • to create a learning experience for both the one who receives the feedback (the artist) and the one who gives it (the audience).

The workshop has been divided in 3 parts: the presentation of the method, the students’ performance to be analysed and then the feedback session.


  • Members actively participate via discussions and exchanges of best practice
  • Pooling and dissemination of resources, methods and approaches
  • A self-evaluation tool for directors based on the student support plan drawn up by Martine Leroy – Circus Director and Artistic Director of CADC Balthazar

1Tools developed in collaboration with: schools, focus group leaders (Martine Leroy, Marc Lalonde, Martin Gerbier).