In 2008, the FEDEC also launched a broad online survey addressed to circus arts training centres, aiming to draw up an overview of circus arts training centres in Europe and beyond. This online questionnaire gathered detailed information on training programmes, qualifications and diplomas, number of students and teachers in each school. A directory of 620 circus training centres in Europe and beyond, including a basic statistical report, was published using this information. The Directory classifies schools according to the type of training they provide: leisure, preparatory, professional, continuing education, and unspecified.

An Excel version of the directory

An edited version of the directory is downloadable as an Excel file, which allows to search by filters.
The database you could find in the Directory is the compilation of this work. It is therefore based on declarations made by each training centre and FEDEC cannot be held accountable for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information. The file has been updated until 2016.

For information about leisure schools

The study realised in 2009 doesn't mention all leisure schools in all countries. The federations and national organisations are the best source for information. Contact them to get the updated lists. To know them, discover our partners members.

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