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The organisations EFIL (European Federation for intercultural Learning), OBESSU (Organising Bureau of European School Student unions), ESHA (European School Heads Association), and EEE-YFU (European Educational Exchanges – Youth for Understanding), have recently shared the position paper that they co-wrote, as a joint contribution on the mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+ and which focuses on pupil mobility in the future version of the programme. These associations, like the FEDEC, are members of the Lifelong Learning Platform, gathering the European non-governmental organisations dedicated to life-long education.

In the position paper, they call for more investments in pupil mobility, and for greater involvement of non-for-profit organisations expert in the management of pupil mobility schemes within Erasmus+.

Indeed, under the calls 2014-2015, "Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only" represented only 4,5% of the overall Erasmus+ budget. There has been a 54% decrease in the number of mobile school students, in comparison with the Individual Pupil Mobility strand of Comenius programme. In addition, the authors believe that non-profit organisations who have decades of experience in running mobility programmes can be crucial partners in supporting a variety of schools in applying for and managing Erasmus+ pupil mobility. 


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