The Erasmusx10 Campaign has been launched by the Lifelong Learning Platform, European Youth Forum and EURODESK in order to call for a more ambitious programme by increasing Erasmus+ budget of ten times.

This campaign is a very timely one for several reasons.

The year 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the programme which is considered “EU’s biggest achievement in changing the lives of 9 million Europeans”, as highlighted by political leaders during the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty. However, a very limited part of the EU’s population has benefited from it, around 0,8% of the population in the 2014-2020 period and only 1,4% of the overall EU budget has been allocated to it for the same period.

Moreover, negotiations begin for the post-2020 Financial Framework and the next generation of EU programmes, including the successor of Erasmus+.

The Erasmusx10 campaign aims at increasing commitment from EU and national representatives in reinforcing the programme.

To this end, the Lifelong learning platform launched a petition to raise civil society voices from all parts of Europe, in favour of a more accessible and inclusive Programme with a tenfold budget increase.

Sign the petition here.