What we do

MIROIR is a project that aims to improve the knowledge of the circus art professional training environment and its interaction with the professional world. Initiated in 2008, it takes place in three phases  MIROIR01, MIROIR02, MIROIR03.

In 2008, the FEDEC implemented the first part of the MIROIR project, which was composed of a survey of the main employers of graduates from FEDEC member schools. This survey was realised in collaboration with Pascal Jacob and led to the publication of a bilingual analytical report.

In 2009, the second part of the MIROIR project was realised in collaboration with Zita Herman. This second part of the project allowed FEDEC to:

  • complete the research undertaken into employers in 2008, by addressing more than 20 employers of different types working all around Europe, in order to learn their opinions on the skills required for a young professional artist
  • learn the opinions of young professional circus artists (former FEDEC school students) regarding the skills they acquired during their training, how useful these skills are to them in their career, and their professional path and mobility

The bilingual publication « MIROIR project – part 2: Analysis of key competences of young professional circus artists » focuses on:

  • analysis of the results of both surveys with a particular focus on the key skills that were acquired during training and the ones that were not, but are required in a professional context,
  • suggestions of former students and professionals from the circus sector to better the vocational circus arts training
  • general recommendations for the improvement of professional integration channels for graduates from all training institutions