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Pedagogical directors decided to develop the last of the 4 dimensions on Student Support/Guidance: transition to employment – MAILLONS 04.


October 2017 – Auch

The aim of the workshop was to reflect on the influence of the problem of professional integration of students/young artists in the construction of educational programmes.

To start the reflection, the leaders of the group DIRECTORS invited a former student from FEDEC school to tell his own story about professional integration. The exchange allowed the participants to lay the foundation and questions of that new topic.

The pedagogical directors then discussed their difficulties and their respective arrangements for employability within their own school.
4 major axes emerged from those discussions:

  1. the student
  2. the school
  3. the market i.e. working environment
  4. the artistic dimension


The workshop allowed an active participation of members through discussion and exchanges of best practices, sharing and disseminating applied resources.

A lot of information were gathered which will serve formulating recommendations over 2018-2020.

April 2018 - Brussels 

The workshop focused on of Students’ professional integration and the role of schools in the transition to the world of work.
The external eye and expertise of Theo Van Rompay -deputy Director General of the internationally renowned dance school of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, P.A.R.T.S. located in Brussels, enabled the audience to discuss.
Theo Van Rompay shared his experience of the last 20 years, building a programme for the future insertion of their dancers.

October 2018 - Auch

The workshop focused on how to improve schools’ role in supporting graduates and future graduates.
The pedagogical directors then shared their difficulties and their respective arrangements within their own school.

April 2019 - Berlin