Circo de las Artes (Argentina)
Para morir un poco menos  30 min

Vocational training: year 3
Students: Asael Alaniz, Monica Bedoya, Naiara Dimitroff, Facundo Molina, Federico Scarano, Guillermo Witt
Director: Ana Hepner
Disciplines: Swinging trapeze, physical theatre, hula-hoops, dance, hand to hand, aerial rope, glass walking,  live guitar singing and music

A performance in circus language which expresses through movement but also through the humanity of its performers. A reflection on how and why we move, combining contemporary circus arts with dance, music and theatre in a very original and honest way.  The show reaches the inmost and the universal sense of each human being in the same way that time passes or arrives: in an unstoppable way. The work does not follow a linear narrative structure. It is rather built from a series of episodes.

We would like to thank the CNAC for the mobilization of CNAC.TV, by the audiovisual production unit of the Cnac, Centre national des arts du cirque, Châlons-en-Champagne, France, for directing and editing all CIRCLE performances since the first edition. For this 2017 edition, we would like to thank: Anne Laure Caquineau (directing), François Duverger (filming).