• Interim report nb.2 approved and financing

The second interim report of the INTENTS project, submitted with the French Erasmus+ Agency Education and Training has received an enthusiastic approval on the progress of the project, whose implementation is found to be of high quality. The second pre-financing in the amount of €146 470.88 was charged on the INTENTS account of the FFEC on 8 June.

  • 4th partners meeting of the INTENTS project  - 14-16.04.2016 @ Rotterdam

The 4th partners meeting of the project took place on 15 April 2016 at Codarts in Rotterdam. Again, a strong mobilization of partners brought together for this event, 29 people including 18 schools and 24 FEDEC INTENTS partners.

This meeting was an opportunity to:

- vote the dates of the next INTENTS training session "Balancing and support, based on handstands, hand-to-hand and the wire" hosted by the Scuola di Cirko Vertigo: the partners adopted the dates of Monday 6 to Saturday 11 March 2017

- make a collective assessment of the second training session on "Propulsions, from trampoline, transfers and artistic developments” and this was possible thanks to the presence of teachers who participated. They expressed their expectations, the contributions of the session, potential improvements and new perspectives to give the sessions to come on short and medium term.

- researchers of the CEREP (Centre for Study and Research on Employment and professionalisation of the University of Reims) and ICQP (Catalan Institute of Professional Qualifications) - partners of the INTENTS project presented the results of their consultations and the functional analysis of skills of teachers conducted as part of achieving a European competency framework  of the profession of circus arts teachers. This analysis based on interviews, work situations of observations and INTENTS training sessions helped to uncover early trends and results of the study and understand the breadth of information that will identify SAVOIR01 namely:

- 34 analyzed skills

- 8 identified work situations and detailed in 3 fields of action

 - a grid of functional analysis revisited based on the results of the consultation

  • The INTENTS 2016 educational tool in writing by Agathe Dumont

Agathe Dumont, researcher, dancer and teacher, began writing the 2016 INTENTS educational tool "Propulsions, from trampoline, transfers and artistic developments” from the Berlin session.

Present throughout the session, she was able to observe, participate to exchanges and collect a lot of data. She works closely with Arnaud Thomas, educational coordinator of the session, and in charge of writing certain parts as well as of monitoring the writing of the tool as a whole.

Without being exhaustive, this manual will restore the variety of views expressed during the session and will enrich them with external testimonials identified by the INTENTS committee.

This manual will be translated from French into English, German and Spanish.

  • The INTENTS 2015 educational tool - Verticality, weight and gravity being translated!

The manual written in French by Agathe Dumont has been posted online and can be downloaded from the FFEC website. It will be available in English, Spanish and German from September 2016 on the FEDEC website under Resources.

  • The INTENTS public workshop nb.2 – CIRCLE’s 10th anniversary announced for Friday 28.10.2016 in Auch

The next INTENTS public workshop will be held as part of FEDEC Encounters at CIRca in Auch on Friday 28 October 2016 from 14:00 to 17:00. Open to the public, it will be an opportunity to discuss between teachers, professionals, institutions on tools and collaborations to implement in order to improve the emergence of talents and empower students and young artists towards employment.