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From 21 until 26 October 2018, FEDEC invited you to its Encounters on the 31th edition of CIRCa Festival in Auch, France. Thank you to all! 

FEDEC Encounters at CIRCa means about 150 people from about fifteen different countries gathering to contribute to the international dimension of this festival, a hub for contemporary circus creation. Together they form an ephemeral “European Circus Arts School”.

The 12th Encounters presents a rich programme for all FEDEC members their students, teachers and directors with, of course, all the festival’s events, circus shows and professionals meetings organised by the CIRCa Festival.

CIRCLE 2018 was...
Mon 22, Tue 23, Wed 24, Thu 25.10.2018 @Maison de Gascogne
The CIRCLE are the performances of circus students members of FEDEC’s schools. This year, for the 12th edition of the CIRCLE project, students coming from 9 FEDEC schools, located in 6 countries, will present shows created during creative workshops.

The performances are taking place downtown in the Maison de Gascogne. : 

  • Monday 22 October

3.00pm:Ecole de Cirque de Québec (Canada) in collaboration with Le Lido (Toulouse, France) Thanks to the support of Quebec City, students from Toulouse could travel to Quebec City for one week of creation, before the whole team went to Toulouse for a final week of creation. The show "This" was presented in Toulouse and in CIRCa Festival. Students : Carla  Carnerero [diabolo], Morgane  Clodel [swinging  pole],  Anne-Sophie Cusson[trapeze],  Marcelo Nunes [trapeze], Jacob Gregoire [acrobate] Ayru Quispe [acrobate, equilibrist]

5.00pm: Ecole de Cirque de Bordeaux (France). 2nd year students came to present "Pour combien?" a show with Matthieu Bethys [acro dance], Rachel Cazenave [acro dance], Livia Jouan [chinese pole],  Julien  Ladenburger [juggling],  Jonas  Pepin [acro  dance] , Cyril Toulemonde [chinese pole]


  • Tuesday 23 October

3.00pm: Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque de Lomme (France). Students in their 3rd year Pablo Courtes [acrobatics], Clémentine Fleury [acrobatics] , Alfred Gilleron [chinese pole] presented their show called "And hop... Hop" 

5.00pm: Escuela de Circo Carampa (Madrid, Spain). The 2nd year students, Katariina Alaääkkölä [Hand to hand], Lucas Chacón [juggling, acrobatics], Francesca Fioraso [tight wire, juggling], Jared van Earle [Hand to hand], Janna Wohlfarth [Unicycle, Portes Unicycle], Sofia Zambrano [Portes Unicycle] presented their collaborative work named "WTF".


  • Wednesday 24 October

3.00pm: Arc en Cirque (Chambéry, France)? 2nd year students Manon  Agostini [trapeze], Ismael Fernandez Grabalosa [acrobatics], Nicolas Fonseca Guarin [juggling], Sonja Zantedeschi [acrobatics] presented their show called "Loopus"

5.00pm: National Centre for Circus Arts (London, United-Kingdom). A last minute injury forced the 3rd year students Ben Loader [rope], Becky Neal [handstand cane], Cathi Sell [handstand cane] to cancel their show. The schol Centre des Arts du Cirque de Balthazar from Montpellier presented a show and collaborated with the students, allowing them to come on stage. 


  • Thursday 25 October

3.00pm: Codarts Rotterdam - Circus Arts (Netherlands). Tijs Bastiaens [hand to hand (trio)], Johannes Böhringer [chinese pole], Annika Hemmerling [dance, trapeze], Carina Klingsell [chinese pole], Mario Kunzi [hand to hand (trio)], Britt Timmermans [hand to hand (trio)], students in their 4th year, presented their show "ONE"

5.00pm:Cirko Vertigo (Turin, Italy). The 2nd year students Sabrina Cellucci [aerial straps-silks], Lorena Di Bello [rope-silks], Valeria Piampiano [cyr wheel-dance], Alessandra Piccoli [contorsion], Sara Pocovaz [acrobatics] closed the week with a show inspired by Marina Abramović called "The Circus is present". 


At the end of each performance the public is invited to meet and discuss with students and members of the teaching staff on the educational and creation approaches of the performances.


=> New <=

A new REFLECT training for teachers is organised this year for FEDEC members around the CIRCLE project.

Une nouvelle formatiopour professeurs autour du projet CIRCLE est organisée spécialement pour les membres de la FEDEC cette année. 

More information on CIRCa Festival and CIRCa pôle national des arts du cirque – Auch–Gers–Midi-Pyrénées, here.