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The second continuing training session for circus arts teachers dealt with propulsions and addressed transfers and artistic developments based on the trampoline.

The training week was coordinated by Arnaud Thomas, a teacher who specialises in aerial disciplines and the trampoline at the CNAC - Centre national des arts du cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne. It was hosted by the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin (SAB) from Sunday 13 to Friday 18 March2016.

24 teachers and 11 teaching and management team members took part in the training session, representing no fewer than 14 European schools in 10 different countries.

The trampoline was both a focal point and starting point for addressing propulsions as the 28 disciplines represented provided an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion in terms of opinions and methodologies. They included the trampoline, acrobatics, handstands, the teeterboard, the Hungarian board, aerial disciplines, juggling, the trapeze, banquine, artistic consultancy in dramatic art and theatrical technique, dance, rigging, the Russian swing, the Russian bar, acrobatics research, the German wheel, the Cyr wheel, theatre, artistic creation, dramatic art, anatomy, physiology, tumbling, gymnastics, physical fitness, the Chinese pole, the swinging trapeze and the cloud swing.

The training session objectives were to:

  • Support the participants’ professional development through peer-to-peer discussion and reflection based on their experiences
  • Broaden reflection on the basis of the morning’s presentations and the afternoon’s roundtables, extend the themed discussions and continue them within the teaching teams of the schools which sent the participants
  • Produce a free, multilingual teaching tool to be used by teaching staff which will be disseminated within the FEDEC and FFEC networks
  • Allow the training session to be observed and externally evaluated by our partners in order to improve the continuing training methodology, develop acquired skills and lead to a Guide to planning and designing coherent and relevant continuing training for a constantly changing profession (FR/EN)

The week was structured around 4 themes:

  • Developing artistic qualities in the learning of acrobatic movement by Arnaud Thomas (CNAC
  • Transferring the trampoline to other propulsion techniques by Yuri Sakalov (ESAC)
  • Methodology of the technical progression to the trampoline by Jan Rosén (DOCH)
  • What are the specific characteristics of the ringmaster stage management of acrobatic disciplines? by Gaëtan Lévêque (AOC Collective)
The outcome….

Beyond the need for and the wealth of exchanges between teachers, the outcome of the training session was the enrichment and innovation of teaching practices in the network schools. It also addressed interdisciplinarity within lessons: in this case, which transfers and artistic developments can the trampoline provide for propulsion disciplines?

With a view to skills analysis for the writing of the SAVOIRS01 Competency Framework for teachers, the planning and design of continuing training and the heritage process, the training session was entirely filmed and analysed by the CEREP researchers.

Agathe Dumont is a Doctor of Performing Arts, dancer and independent teacher-researcher qualified in sports performance assessment, who is attached to the project with regard to writing all the publications resulting from the training sessions. She is writing about the trampoline training session with Arnaud Thomas, the educational coordinator of the training session, and the 3 other speakers.