- Vol. 1. "Les formations en arts du cirque et en activités physiques et sportives" ( dir. Tony Froissart & Cyril Thomas)

In constant evolution, circus arts training and more broadly artistic physical activities training - from teaching in the context of Sports education to higher education institutions - are analyzed in their diversity. the book intends to explore the network dynamics in a plurality of territories (Europe, Canada), as well as the various training processes that are developed in these areas.

This book is an extension of the study days organized in partnership with the Centre national des arts du cirque of Châlons-en-Champagne (Cnac), the chair of innovation circus and puppetry (ICiMa) and the French society of history of sport (SFHS). 


- Vol. 2. Le cirque en transformation : identités et dynamiques professionnelles (dir. Marine Cordier, Agathe Dumont, Émilie Salaméro, Magali Sizorn)

The objective of this volume is to question the professionalization process in the circus world. Thanks to the contribution of professionals, researchers in sociology, performing arts, educational sciences, Physical and sports sciences and literature, endowing the work with a variety of approaches, the book addresses the various issues related to the professional identity of the circus arts jobs.