On 16 November 2018, 2 FEDEC team members participated in the Study Day organised by CEREP at Université de Reims Champagne Ardennes, about SAVOIRS 01.
Researchers delivered the variety of results collected through the 4 year study, with the contribution of 7 researchers and 2 experts from the Catalan Ministry of Education (Catalan Institutes of Professional Qualifications). The Study day was aimed at social sciences researchers.

The study day was devoted to the presentation of a research on teachers of professional circus schools in Europe. This day focused on understanding professional processes from an interdisciplinary approach.

The challenge was to show that the sociology of professional groups and an "activity-oriented" approach can, in some respects, be articulated to understand these processes in detail. It is therefore necessary to understand the tensions between processes of homogenization and differentiation that go through history, training policies, school organizations, career paths, as well as the activity of teachers at work, from a dozen case studies of circus schools in Europe.

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