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Here we go again for the 13th edition of CIRCLE held as part of the Festival CIRCa in Auch ! This year, 11 schools coming from 7 different countries have been selected to present their shows developed in the context of research workshops led by groups of students. While still in training, up and coming professional circus artists will perform reflecting the working atmosphere of their schools.

The CIRCLE performances will be held downtown in the Maison de Gascogne:


  • Sunday 20 October 

15.00: Salto - International Circus School (Portugal)
17.00: Scuola di Circo FLIC (Italy)

** Wednesday 23 October : FRESH CIRCLE (ALL 8 CIRCLES in 4 different venues)**

Post-performance discussions with the students performing and the schools’ directors will be organised after each performance in the Maison de Gascogne, enabling further discovery of the diversity of aesthetic approaches and pedagogical programme of the different vocational schools. 



On Wednesday 23rd, FRESH CIRCUS#5 will include FEDEC’s CIRCLE performances as its main event of the day, to show the professional world the work of future artists, but also as a way to investigate the role of circus schools in the development of circus, and the specificities of each school on its own territory. This incredible opportunity offered by CIRCa and Circostrada means that the students will have the privilege to perform twice during the week, once in front of the general public as in the previous editions of CIRCa, and once during FRESH CIRCUS#5 programme, for a special visibility to the professional world. We will call the latest: FRESH CIRCLE.

FRESH CIRCLE’ post-performance discussions with the audience will focus on schools presenting their community work. Since most of our members have built over the development of their schools, special projects with local or regional authorities or organizations.

FRESH CIRCUS#5 that will take place in Auch (France) from 22nd to 24th October 2019 will tackle the relations between circus and territories claiming that “Circus is Everywhere”.

N.B.: Registrations for the FRESH CIRCUS#5 meetings have to be done directly on the Circostrada website.


For more info, email us at events (at) fedec.eu


More information on CIRCa Festival and CIRCa pôle national des arts du cirque – Auch–Gers–Midi-Pyrénées, here.