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The REFLECT LAB#3 took place in Rotterdam (Netherlands) hosted by Codarts Circus Arts from the 30th of April until the 3rd of May 2019.

Following the title of the Lab, “The role of the teacher in a creative process of the collective project of students”, participants this time discussed and shared their experiences on what role can teachers play in supporting the creative process of students’ groups.

Once again, the Pedagogical Coordinator was Vincent Grosstephan, lecturer at University of Reims, Researcher at CEREP Lab (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur les Emplois et les Professionnalisations / Research Center on Employment and Professionalisation), who led the 25 participants throughout the 4 days of sharing and discussions.

The topic was connected to the Lab#2 (Auch October 2018) and on the first day participants enjoyed the video-interviews recorded by the CNAC and FEDEC during the CIRCa Festival 2018. The interviews concern the CIRCLE project and provide the viewers with different points of view (of students, teachers and artistic/pedagogical directors) about the CIRCLE project and the process of collective creation. The videos were used as “food for thoughts” to sparkle the Lab reflection on the role of the circus teacher in supporting the collective creative process of students.

In the following days, 5 different participants further contributed to the Lab by giving presentations about their own experience with collective creation:

  • Birgit Haberkamp (Codarts, Netherlands) – “The build-up of the improvisation composition classes within the different year-groups and throughout the 4 years
  • Hernán Gené (Carampa, Spain) – “Anatomy of a creation process
  • Katharine Arnold & Michaela O’Connor (NCCA, UK)- “The teacher’s role in a creative process: around the collective project
  • Catherine Boot (Circomedia, UK) – “Exploring the possibility of the teacher/director as facilitator of an entirely student-led process”

Each presentation was followed by a collective discussion and a workshop related to the topics arisen during the presentation and the discussion.
But the main event of the week was the circus show by Codarts 2nd year students: “Cyborg 2”. Participants had the chance to assist to the show on Thursday 2nd of May, during the Rotterdam Circusstad Festival. The morning after they met the students and the director of Cyborg 2 and could discuss and exchange their observations directly with them.


A special thanks for this marvellous experience goes to:

  • Codarts, and especially Anna Beentjes and Jan Daems for their wonderful hospitality.
  • Vincent Grosstephan for the pedagogical coordination.
  • All participants and their sending schools for being active contributors to the success of the Lab.



The REFLECT project has just started its last 6 months, and the last REFLECT Lab will be held in Auch from the 20th till the 25 of October 2019. 

For any further information about the REFLECT project, please contact Lorenzo Albiero (REFLECT Project Coordinator) at lorenzo.albiero [at] fedec.eu.