The Repertory of creation exercises and experiences brings together a range of about 60 systems/creative exercises shared by about 15 schools that participated in the survey between 2013 and 2015.

This shared tool is available free of charge from the FEDEC website in French and in English. It is one of FEDEC’s Open Educational Resources (OER) which allows our own network of schools as well as other arts schools to enrich their teaching, incorporate new artistic aspects through access to a wide range of artistic research exercises and a variety of methods, and raise the issue of training the teachers supervising these creative exercises.

This Repertory is meant to evolve; therefore it is still possible to contribute to it by filling in the questionnaire with your educational team, including all types of exercises that you would like to share with other schools and education teams.

If you would like to receive the questionnaire, please contact Amandine by email.