What we do

FEDEC & FFEC Association are happy to announce that their EU project 'COSMIC' has been selected by Erasmus+ with a total score of 96/100! COSMIC will introduce professional circus schools to the use of digital technology applied to their pedagogy. 



The COSMIC project aims at enhancing the quality of circus education and training, on the same line of previous FFEC and FEDEC projects INTENTS and REFLECT.  

The project will be an exchange of good practices that will allow professional Circus schools to develop new pedagogical methodologies but based on existing material.  

This existing material - identified during interviews with each partner- is the ‘student Artistic Notebook1’ that is used in most of the partner-schools. It will be experimented and developed in various ways thanks to a video-based software called MemoRekall. Project partners will also provide feedbacks to the software developers, helping to adapt it to the needs of the Circus education sector.  


COSMIC will start in September 2020 and will end in December 2022 (28 months in total).  

Project partners will have the chance to be trained on MemoRekall, a software that allows to integrate different types of content (texts, images, music, sketches, etc.) in a video. After the initial training, they will also enjoy 2 international training Lab during which they will present their work, share and exchange about the development of pedagogical methodologies connected to the digital Artistic Notebook. 

In between the international training Labs, partners will experiment the software in their schools. Along those experimentation phases, partners will be able to exchange on their challenges and results thanks to a dedicated digital platform.  


To manage the project, a Steering Committee (SC) will be created with representatives of FFEC, FEDEC and project partners, that will meet 7 times during the project. Furthermore, all partner representatives will meet 4 times to take stock of the situation and ensure that project objectives will be attained. For a comprehensive picture of all international meetings, please have a look at the attached Timeline of the project.  


Thanks to COSMIC, project partners will:  

  • discover the best practices of each school, share their own, and find new ways to cooperate to improve the quality of circus education;  
  • get trained on a video-based software that they will be later able to use in many different educational purposes; 
  • better prepare their students to face the artistic professional world, where distance cooperation based on digital tools is a common reality;  
  • contribute to “COSMIC-Rekall”, a publication that will keep track of each school’s experimentation process, and that will also evaluate the impact of MemoRekall in schools’ pedagogy and the emergence of new pedagogical methodologies. The publication will also be a valuable tool for other Circus schools and institutions to take advantage of COSMIC results; 
  • contribute to shape new features for MemoRekall, in order to better adapt it to the needs of circus schools. 

The project will involve a total of 11 partners, including 9 circus schools from 7 different countries: 

The project will also benefit from the cooperation with the Université Polytecnique de Haute-France de Valenciennes (France) as associated partner, as well as all FEDEC members and other relevant actors in the field of artistic education.  


Associated partners:

  • Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University - UPHF (France), a close collaboration will be carried out throughout the project with the UPHF: carrying out training in MemoRekall, remote monitoring, evaluation, writing of the COSMIC-MemoRekall publication and adaptation from the web application to circus pedagogy.
  • Circo de las Artes (Argentina) will relay the results of the project to schools and training centers in Latin America
  • All FFEC-FEDEC members will communicate on the project in their own networks
  • 4 federations (UK, ES, IT, CH) & 2 European networks (Circostrada, LLLP) for dissemination / communication / advocacy actions
  • the consortium of the previous project ER + Circollaborativ’tools will bring their experience with MemoRekall in a framework of artistic creation
  • CircusTalk, independent online resource center for the international circus community, as an information relay (articles, news…)


5 international circus festivals are joining the project to host, in collaboration with a partner, an event:

  • Le Festival Mondial de Cirque de Demain - FMCD (France)
  • Festival de cirque actuel CIRCa (France)
  • Axé Cirque (Swiss)
  • La Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque – BIAC (France)
  • Festival Sul Filo del Circo (Italy)