CIRCLE defies the health crisis and reinvents itself digitally. This year, we're meeting online to celebrate our member schools. Here we go !

E-CIRCLE is the FEDEC's new project for the CIRCa 2020 festival. Did you know CIRCLE? The concept remains the same, except that this year… The circus apprentices reveal their talents in videos.

The students of our member schools have responded to our invitation and share their free interpretation of the theme "constrained space / unlimited space" in a maximum of 3 minutes, a real challenge!

We received 16 amazing films that we broadcast on YouTube. Watch, comment and applaud from distance 🙂

Are you coming to the CIRCa festival? Great, you can see them on big screen! Their videos will be screened at the ticket office, catering, cinema and artistic meetings.

Tell us what you think !

We’ll meet at the CIRCa 2020 Festival, on our YouTube channel, our Facebook page and Instagram.


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