What we do

COSMIC, our European project which celebrated it’s kick-off in September 2020, has already started it’s merry way. On it’s counter : two Labs, webinars, around fifty participants and concrete results. It’s time to take stock !

Exchange, pedagogy and digital are the key words of COSMIC. The three pillars are based, of course, on circus arts. This project driven jointly by FEDEC and FFEC and funded by ERASMUS+, introduces professional circus schools to the use of digital tools in their pedagogy. 

This adventure is punctuated by Labs that train the schools to uptake MemoRekall, in order to create and share pedagogical scenarios using digital tools. And exchanges and inventiveness took a great part in the process ! 

1. Two Labs

To this day, two COSMIC labs have taken place. They gathered more than 50 participants from 27 schools of 13 countries, including 9 European and 4 international countries. 

January 2021. The school CRAC de Lomme (Lomme, France) hosted the first COSMIC Lab. The participants met in real and virtually. A blended experience that trained to uptake MemoRekall and enabled to imagine new methods of digital pedagogy. 

On site, the participants worked with students under the circus tent of CRAC de Lomme. Identifying the possibilities of the application in a concrete manner. They filmed and recorded the students. A person is juggling or moving through a stunt, it allows to dissect the movements thanks to the video and annotate comments.

March 2021. The second COSMIC Lab was organized virtually. Clarisse Bardiot, accompanied by her assistant Alexandre Michaan and Meï Menassel in charge of the evaluation of the project, suggested to go back to the basics of using MemoRekall whilst the others moved on in mean time with their pedagogical scenarios. Concrete paths of usage scenarios were emerging little by little.

* What is MemoRekall ? The baseline tool of the COSMIC project. This free application allows the integration of different types of content (text, images, music, sketches, etc.) to a video. It is being developed by Clarisse Bardiot, lecturer at the University of Polytechnique Hauts-de-France and researcher associated to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and her team.

2. The usage scenarios

One of the objectives of this project is to identify concrete examples of MemoRekall usages and execute them within the school. And ideas are not missing, some are born from the current needs linked to the sanitary crisis. 

The exchanges also allow to take stock on the application and enhance it’s functionalities. Indeed, the partners are experimenting and defining their needs, which enables the developers behind the application to optimise their software.

We can already share some trails of usage scenarios with the MemoRekall tool for circus pedagogy :

  • Documenting creation process’
  • Preparing detailed videos to apply for selections in higher education schools 
  • Evaluating students and giving feedback on sequences of movement
  • Analysing stunts and retracing the steps to achieve a technical sequence


3. COSMIC and the sanitary crisis

COSMIC, therefore imagined before the sanitary crisis, reveals it’s usefulness in this context. Sarah Weber, European project manager in FEDEC and in charge of the COSMIC project, reacts :

« The project reveals itself answering a vital need for the schools today, of adaptability and remodeling of the usages for remote work. A digitalisation of our practices is taking place faster, and we hope that COSMIC, could be of support to our partners in this transition. Of course, the intention is not to replace precious real life exchanges, but to accompanying schools in evolving towards complementary practices. We are regularly contacted by FEDEC members to participate in the training Labs. This is revealing the needs of the sector and it’s desire to develop digitalisation for circus pedagogy. »


The COSMIC project still has good days ahead. Next steps :

  • 21/04 - Steering Committee meeting in Tilburg and virtually. This encounter will gather 9 people representing the partners of the project, the FFEC, the FEDEC, 2 partner schools and the conceptor of MemoRekall.
  • 22/04 - Partners meeting. A meeting dedicated to all the COSMIC partners and the FEDEC members. The aim will be to share the evolution and results of the project.
  • 20-24/09/21 - COSMIC Lab#3. This third Lab will take place at the school FLIC (Turin) and virtually.