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A look back at the 2021 edition of CIRCLE, performed at Circa festival from October 26 to 29, 2021 in Auch, France.

CIRCLE is a series of short shows created by students from our member schools during artistic and educational creation and research workshops.

Performed at Maison de Gascogne during Circa, the CIRCLE show are a fresh break where most of the artists (16-30 years old this year), perform outside their school, in a professional setting, for the first time.

This 2021 edition was very special since it made it possible again to welcome our students for real! Bravo to all for these unique and ephemeral artistic creations 👏

Esacto’Lido (Toulouse, France) | Chantier Parachute

Performed on Tuesday 26/10 

Artists :

  • Jessica RAMON [Chinese pole]
  • Cristobal ESPOZ [Straps]
  • Enrique ROSENMAN [Juggling]
  • Margaret RUSAK REES [Juggling]
  • Fer FLORES [Aerial hoop]
  • Sien VAN ACKER [Tightwire]

Director : Georgina VILA BRUCH

Chantier parachute

“What if suddenly, when you least expect it, you find your shirt full of parachute? You who look at me with blue dots that all the same feel really good the trip… She said to me, we see each other in another very animated life or maybe we were already born old. Exactly unpredictable like the daily life of our cells. ”


Carampa (Madrid, Spain) | KAIRÓS

Performed on Tuesday 26/10 & Thursday 28/10

Artists :

  • Laura PERÉ [Dance]
  • Mihaela ZAHMANOVA [Silk]
  • Fernando MARISCAL [Trapeze]
  • Elian FLIPO [Synchronous Trapeze]
  • Anouk TOURNIER [Rope duo]
  • Andrea CHIPOCO [Rope duo]

Director: Collective creation | Javier JIMÉNEZ

École de Cirque de Lyon (Lyon, France) | Si je chute

Performed on Wednesday 27/10 

Artists :

  • Anaïs BOYER [Tightwire]
  • Mateo MOTES [Acrobatics]
  • Louis LHOMMELET [Acrobatics]
  • Jeanne DUVERNOIS [Acrobatics]
  • Aloïs BEDEL [Juggling]

Directors: Johan LESCOP | Isabelle LEROY

Si je chute

"If I fall, she picks me up
They run, if this one falls
She falls from a height
If this one falls... he has lost.
If he kisses me, I fall in love
She turns me over like a crepe.
When by chance a dinosaur collapses, no one waits for it to get up
Everyone takes their legs around their necks.
If everyone is running, no one falls.
But if our feet get tangled
We all risk falling,
And when everyone falls
Nobody runs anymore... "


FLIC Scuola di Circo (Turin, Italy) | Blue Miles

Performed on Wednesday 27/10 & Friday 29/10

Artists :

  • Antonio ARMONE [Cyr Wheel]
  • Anita CUNEO [Aerial hoop]
  • Enrica BORINGHIERI [Balancing]
  • Ella HUMMEL [Straps]
  • Roman PRADO RUIZ [Acrobatics]
  • Filippo SEZIANI [Juggling]

Director : Alessandro MAIDA

Blue miles

"Separated, light years away, sometimes interconnected and clustered on top of each other, six young people interact locked in the bubble that each individual carries with them.

Despite themselves, they must build physical and metaphorical bridges in order to come into contact and together pursue a common goal, simpler, more ephemeral, more joyful: to survive."


Procirk NETWORK: Balthazar, Piste d’Azur, CRAC de Lomme, Arc en Cirque (FRANCE) | TOMBES !

Performed on Thursday 28/10 

Artists : 

  • Liana BOTTAM [Balancing]
  • Axel MARINO [Acrobatics]
  • Thais BARATHIEU [Rope]
  • Aivja PEZZA [Juggling & pole]
  • Thibault MICHEL [Juggling]
  • Danielo AMAYA [Juggling]
  • Daira TRUJILLO [Pole]
  • Fransceca FIORASO [Wire]

Director: Théo GERAUD


ENCC (Châtellerault, France) | The other memory

Performed on Friday 29/10

Artists :

  • Kassabou HENRI [Chinese pole]
  • Noe GRASSET [Acrobatics]
  • Solal SIRET TRISTANI [Hand-balancing]
  • Lucie GODARD [Hand-balancing & Contorsion]
  • Suzanne PILLOT [Tightwire]

Director: Iesu ESCALANTE | Élèves de complément de formation

The other memory

« We are old memories, ghosts, lost souls in distress, that we would like to forget but who remain stuck between the hereafter and the mortal world, doomed to remain prisoners forever.

We are building our gateway to the light, so that we can finally make our way to the next world, but in the end it is the fall that brings us back to our lamentable state […]»


Each performance was followed by an Aftershow: a discussion between the public and the students together with the members of their school team.


© Photos : Christophe Trouilhet, CIRCLE 2021 (FLIC)

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