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For this edition of TRACES, we challenged the students of our member schools to create 3-minutes videos on the theme of Fly the nest. A theme that evokes emancipation, freedom, travelling and falling!

In response to our call for participation, we received 9 videos from international schools.

For the first time, these videos were screened before each CIRCLE show during Circa Festival - which took place from October 21 to 30, 2021 in Auch. To close these 4 days of CIRCLE, all TRACES videos have also be shown during a special TRACES screening at Maison de Gascogne.

Congratulations to all the emerging talents that participated in these audiovisual works (that you can watch below, on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page.

You will also find the 2020 edition videos the name of E-CIRCLE!

Thanks to our 2021 member schools:

Amoukanama  | 🇬🇳  Conakry, GuineA  | "FA" ("Come")

Director : Anthony Weiss

“After an intensive creation assignment under direction of Anthony Weiss with the selected students, we went to an island near the shore of Conakry to capture the essence on what we had worked. It was not easy to organise, but once there we captured some beautiful images with the questions of the creation in mind (What can we achieve by coming together? What dreams can come true? How far can we go, beyond our own limits, crossing borders?). These images were used to make this video.

We have been working since beginning of 2019 with Anthony Weiss and this group of students to find a liveliness of different cultures that can be combined with a contemporary writing by Anthony Weiss. It has been an intense process with obstacles of communication, travel restrictions, political issues, lack of space and materials... But by focusing on 'what is' rather than what is not, we are slowly progressing towards a beautiful show that will hopefully touch many people's heart.“


  • Facinet Camara (Acrobat - Base - Hoop Diving - Chinese Pool)
  • Tidjane Bangoura (Acrobat - Base (Banquine, pyramids, plateau))
  • Mohamed Bangoura (Acrobat - Dancer)
  • Ibrahima Sory Camara (Acrobat – Flyer)
  • Mamadou Lamarana bah (Acrobat - Base - Chinese Pool)
  • Panival Soumah (Acrobat - Flyer - Straps)
  • Alseny Sacko (Acrobat - Base – Straps)
  • Nathalie Vandenabeele (Acrobat - Flyer - Aerial silks)

© Anthony Weiss in collaboration with Amoukanama circus school


Carampa Escuela de Circo | 🇪🇸  Madrid, SPAIN

Director: Javier Jiménez

“This project was created in collectiveness; the five participants gave their point of view on what "Fly the Nest" means, and based on that, developed a narrative to show the highs and lows of moving away from their respective nests. In the making of the video, the artists discovered that by flying their nests, they all found and made a new one in a different place with new people.

The theme for this video was migrating birds, and the piece of music they used has the trill of these creatures. Casa de Campo, the park where Carampa is located, was chosen as the location to record this video. The other locations that were used show the paths the birds chose once leaving their nest.“


  • Nataly Zárate
  • Eva Selvi
  • Martin Schuffeneger
  • Isis Mendoza
  • Alonza Corona

© Music by Ricardo Lomnitz Sotos


Ecole de Cirque de Québec  | 🇨🇦  Québec, Canada  | "THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS"

Director: Elias Djemil

“Art in general and the artists who practice it are often confronted with external elements that make them doubt. Doubting their journey, their life path, their creations and their ambition to rise.

Here we have tried to personify these failures and doubts by the character of the master of ceremonies. The will and the need to create are represented by the turtledove.

No matter the setbacks and obstacles on the path to creation, the inner call is often stronger than the fear of failure. You just need to know how to listen to it. This is how we manage to transcend fear. By creating, at all costs.“


  • Camille Bérubé (Roue allemande)
  • Gaëtan Fournier (Corde lisse)
  • Michel Trudeau (Maître de cérémonie et acrobate)
  • Juan Luisangel Gongora Jaramillo (Tissus)
  • Justine Musseau (Équilibres sur les mains)
  • Keileen Nguyen (Acro-danse)

© École de cirque de Québec


Imre Baross | 🇭🇺  Budapest, HUNGARY  | "COOPERATION IN THE MANEGE"

Director: Gábor Dénes Kovács

“This video was made by our member institution octOpus Multimedia Institute. In 2021 we had an exam lecture and this video was made from this show. We would like to present the cooperation in the manage and beyond. Between the teachers, students and the workers.“


  • Noémi Novákovics (Vertical rope)
  • Bernadett Bényei, Lilla Ratkóczy, Mark Nagy (Rhönrad)
  • Anna Szécsényi, Ryan William Donnert (Roller skate)
  • Balázs Buda (Aerial straps)
  • Alíz Papdi (Cyr)
  • Regina Russnák (Aerial straps)
  •  Four sides - (Anna Bódi, Vivien Lauri, Artúr Hema, Péter Kevi) (Sitz)
  • Edward, George Tenger, Gergely Mucsi (Clowns)
  • Faludy Duette - Letícia Losonczi, Mihály Hernádi (Teeterboard duo)
  • Anna Demeter (Rope)
  • Dóra Svébis (Dance trapeze)
  • Lilla Ratkóczy (Hulahopp on ball)
  • Alex Vaspál (Silk)
  • Áron Zsálek (Juggler)
  • Kevin Nitas, Olivér Nitas (Chinese pole)
  • Anikó Gyarmati, László Takács (Clowns)
  • Péter Fábián (Juggler)

© Music by Tóth Péter - Parádé


Le Zarticirque |🇨🇭 Sainte-Croix, SWITZERLAND | "TRANSITION"

“A show like a breath of fresh air, a spectacle as beautiful as a renewal, a live spectacle to the rhythm of invested youth. It is the meeting of everyone's desires and the cooperative appetite of a strong collective. We thus find there dreams, challenges, encounters beyond differences.“


  • Christelle Carmillet
  • Ambre Aucouturier
  • Coralie Bezençon
  • Charlotte Hofer
  • Jorian Lemineur
  • Mirco Morreale
  • Zora Quattropani
  • Marine Robquin
  • Claire Stegmann
  • Jean-Baptiste Thévenod
  • Colin Vuillème
  • Europe Fayet


  • Advices: Constance Bugnon & Dominique Bugnon
  • Video: Oriel Steinmann, Dario Willommet, Benoit Rome & Loris Threuillat

© LeZartiCirque & Frame Factory Studio


Move to Circus | 🇮🇱 Hader, Israel | "FLY THE NEST"

Directing editors: Ines LORCA & Arava KAMAY

“The year 2020-21 has been chaotic in Israel. Art was not only forgotten but also Education and social projects. Our students saw themselves without any place to train or to meet.

In order to join them in their path, in their struggle and success to develop themselves, in order to push them to express and to share, we asked them to collaborate in a creation about Freedom.

"Freedom is a fragile gift from life". And life took this freedom from them. In a country - and a world - that is questioning its democracy choices, young people are questioning everything and also basic rights such as freedom.

In this global situation, we decided to share with you those students daily issues. In order to fly, we need to be free. In order to be free, we need to respect. “


  • Neomi LEV (Dance, trapeze)
  • Yoel COHEN LEV (Handstanding)
  • Lera KUTSENKO (Hula hoop, aerial silks)
  • Liri KAMAY (Juggling)
  • Itay GLICKMAN (acrobatics)
  • Maya GLICKMAN (Juggling)
  • Cara URBAN (Aerial hoop)
  • Ines LORCA (Dance choreography)
  • Ella TAMIR (Aerial silks)
  • Keren GLICKMAN (Therapy pedagogy)


  • Pictures: Ela ARAD
  • Voice: Gaya OMRI
  • Text: Ines LORCA

© All rights reserved - Move to Circus


Salpaus | 🇫🇮 Lahti, Finland | "Ensilento" ("First flight")

Artistic team : Second Grade Students

“The video was created as a collective by 18 students from the second grade who worked constructively together in order to produce a short video based on the theme of Fly the Nest. The light-hearted working spirit of the working group created good team spirit, positive energy and good humour within the class and SaSaK circus school as a whole. Circus is a joyful thing to do and the second grade students wanted to share their joy and to have some youthful fun in the process.“


  • Tiina-Maija Anetjärvi (Cloud Swing)
  • Eve Hakkarainen (Dance Trapeze)
  • Ada Hyytiäinen (Handstand)
  • Jaakko Kallioniemi (Chinese Pole)
  • Pauliina Koskinen (Roller Blades, Foot juggling)
  • Minja Kuitunen (Ring Trapeze)
  • Inka Liimatta (Dance Trapeze)
  • Linnea Lohela (Handstand)
  • Vuokko Markkanen (Knife Throwing, Ring Trapeze)
  • Sara Myöhänen (Net)
  • Julia Nørager Myllykangas (Tightwire, Hair Hanging)
  • Anna Patama (Slack Rope)
  • Lukas Peurala (Uni Cycle, Dancer Acro)
  • Roosa Pyöriä (Washington Trapeze)
  • Vera Råback (Straps)
  • Elias Seppänen (Dance Acro)
  • Lotta Vehviläinen (Juggling, Dance Acro)
  • Ida Viljavuori (Contortion, Rope)

© All rights reserved - Salpaus-SaSak


Turku | 🇫🇮 Turku, Finland  | "Valkoinen klovni" ("WHITE CLOWN")

Director: Heidi Aho

“White clown is one part of a one hour video performance “Circus Folk”, which was the 1st year circus students first artistic performance. The video was made in empty town and environments during Covid. It's a circovideo.“

  • Video making, filming, editing and composing music: Jukka Grönfors
  • Student: Minna Tikkanen (1st year, performance & choreography)

© All rights reserved - Turku Arts Academy


Vertigo | 🇮🇹  Turin, Italy | "Stadt voller guten Menschen" ("City full of good people")

Directors: Luisella Tamietto & Alessandra Simone

“Onwards and backwards. Can we go back? Back to a place, into a structure of people who tick to the same rhythm, back into a body that knows how it behaves with those known bodies. Does a person who came back at some point adapt again to the ticking of the others?

I had the feeling that the pandemic had triggered or intensified difficulties in my communication with other people. I tried to make these visible through my body. As in everyday life, sometimes they restrict my movements, sometimes I am not bothered by them and every now and then they make me see something in a different light.

Through the need to express my thoughts and feelings over the last few months different texts have emerged. These served as inspiration for the text spoken in the video, but also for the mostly improvised movements.“

  • Student: Alma GRUBER (2nd year student)

© All rights reserved - Fondazione Cirko Vertigo




TRACES is a project supported by the Erasmus+ program and by Circa Festival.