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Our first RIGGERS Seminar took place on 25-29 April 2022, at Stockholm University of Arts (SKH), and it was insightful!

➡️ 14 riggers & technical directors

➡️ 8 partner schools (Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and United Kingdom)

Do you know the RIGGERS project?

🇪🇺 RIGGERS is FEDEC 2022-2024 European project, developed to answer the needs of riggers in professional circus schools.

The objectives? Enhance the quality of safety measures in the sector and create the first international community of RIGGERS, eager to exchange skills, advices and expertise!

The seminar #1, very first activity of a 2-year project

This gathering was special since it was the participants’ first time together. During 3 days, they discussed their roles and responsibilities within circus schools and came up with 7 crucial topics to reflect on:

  1. Transmission to students
  2. Safety protocols
  3. Equipment management
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Stress management
  6. Students’ performances
  7. New spaces

Based on their favourite topics, RIGGERS participants paired up in 4 teams of schools:

Thanks to the ERASMUS+ grants, these teams will be working together for the following 12 months, at distance or in person. They will be visiting each other’s school to discover local good practices and expertise.

We call these exchanges the Riggers Swapping Experience (RSE).

exchanging and discovering SKH situation

A guided tour of SKH circus arts department, through the lenses of their technical director, gave the tone of the seminar.

The idea for the riggers was to get to the bottom of things, make lasting connections, and let themselves be inspired by their peers.

Among them, we gave the floor to:

RIGGERS at the heart of FEDEC Annual Conference

In parallel to the seminar, FEDEC annual conference was held with the common theme of safety. It was a perfect opportunity for riggers and circus school directors from all over the world to meet for passionate discussions.

Isn't it essential for school management to realise the importance of riggers within their teams? Isn’t it crucial, for the evolution of the sector, that organizations take riggers’ needs and expectations into consideration, and give them the recognition and the resources they need ?

What’s next?

RIGGERS project might have only started a few months ago, it is already going ahead under full sail 🤸 The project next meetups will be:

  • in Turin (Italy, July 2022)
  • in Circa in Auch (France, October 2022).
Wanna know more about RIGGERS?

You are a rigger or technical director and you would love to be involved in the project?

👉 You can visit this page, or get in touch with Lorenzo.

You can retrieve all seminar's presentations in the PDFs below.

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