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A new CIRCLE is coming up 🙌

CIRCLE 2022 is on tracks! See you during the Circa festival in Auch (FRA) from October 24 to 27 to discover the few surprises this edition has in store for you 🤸

And among them, a new and important component: each CIRCLE show will be the result of a collaboration between at least 2 schools 🤝🤝🏽🤝🏻. An even richer experience for our young artists!

  • 8 shows ✨
  • 24 schools ✨
  • 12 countries ✨
  • 80 students ✨

Monday, October 24th

Tuesday October 25th

Wednesday, October 26th

Thursday, October 27th

  • 15:00: ENACR (FRA) / FLIC (ITA)
  • 17:00: Académie Fratellini (FRA) / UNSAM (Universidad Nacional San Martín) (ARG) / UNTREF (Universidad Tresde Febrero) (ARG) / EMAU (Escuela municipal de Artes Urbanas) - Rosario (ARG) / Escuela Circo de las Artes (ARG) / El Circo del Mundo (CHL) / La Gata Cirko (COL) / La Tarumba (PER) / Instituto Nacional de Artes (URY)

The CIRCLE shows will be performed at Maison de Gascogne, in Auch (FRA). Single price : 7€.

These collaborations are made possible thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ program.

🎫 Book your tickets now via the festival's online ticket office (CIRCLEs are victims of their success and tickets go very fast!)

➡️ If you are a FEDEC member, write to us directly to get your tickets: events[a]fedec.eu.


CIRCLE is a series of short shows created by students from FEDEC member schools during creative, artistic and educational research workshops.

Performed at Maison de Gascogne during Circa Festival, CIRCLE are a fresh and family interlude in which the young artist often perform for the first time outside their school, in a professional context.

© Photo : Christophe Trouilhet, CIRCLE 2021 - Esacto'Lido