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✨ Are you ready for new wonderlands?!

A theme and 3 minutes : that's all the participants (FEDEC member schools and students) were given in order to make these #video creations. 

For the third year, our wonderful #TRACES project is back to offer magic and madness to all: the theme of this edition is "Wonder"!

"If it's magic, then why can't it be overlasting?" Stevie Wonder ✨

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"Nowhere - Now Here", SaSak 🇫🇮 Lahti, Finland

“The second graders of Salpaus Circus Artist Education went to the forest to wonder. Through the elements of nature and the contrast of day and night, in the middle of nowhere, we found out: we are here now. The video was filmed in Finnish nature and was entirely made by students. With great spirit and our passion for circus, the film offers a delightful moment to explore. All the movements and feelings experienced in the video are only created by the moment. As summer turns to fall and the light fades, releasing our inner light; this way even the darkest moments can appear bright.“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Second grade students
  • Participating students :
    • Totti Baer (Pair Acro & Dance)
    • Venla Luusua (Cyr wheel & foot juggling)
    • Eve Hakkarainen (Dance Trapeze)
    • Linda Ylisirkka (Hula Hoops & object manipulation)
    • Milja Jaskari (Cyr wheel & aerial hoop)
    • Sonja Heikkilä (Contortion, Aerial Rope Ladder)
    • Elli Jukkala (Aerial Silk)
    • Olivia Vitikainen (Aerial Silk)
    • Janita Rauhala (Rope Dart)
    • Minttu Asikainen (Cloud Swing, Object Manipulation)
    • Emma Ollikainen (Aerial Hoop, Handstand)

🏫 SaSak - Salpaus 📍 Lahti, Finland

🌐 Website : https://en.salpaus.fi

✉️ Contact : venla.luusua@outlook.com

© All rights reserved - Salpaus - SaSak

"Juu just tulos. Kenkii jo laittaas jalkaa" (“Yeah, I'm already heading that way. Just putting my shoes on.”), Turku 🇫🇮 Turku, Finland

“This video was originally a part of my final artistic piece and had a live part after the animation. So we decided to make a new ending just for TRACES. I've always been into cartoons and animations. I was wondering how I could combine my love for those with circus and decided to learn some basic animation. Learning new skill like that was interesting. All the unicycle techniques were first filmed and then painstakingly animated by drawing over the video frame by frame. The animation plays around with dream and reality.“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Hermanni Ahomies
  • Participating students :
    • Hermanni Ahomies (Unicycling & animation)

🏫 Turku UAS, Arts Academy

📍 Turku, Finland

🌐 Website : https://www.tuas.fi/en

✉️ Contact : hermanni.ahomies@edu.turkuamk.fi

© Hermanni Ahomies. Music: Patchworker - Antidepresseur

"Those who wonder are not lost", Turku 🇫🇮 Turku, Finland

“This video is a little piece of my school project. I wanted to make a video production representing the variety of people in the exotic pole dance scene. People who are empowered by sensual dancing, high heeled platform shoes and the magic and wonders of exotic pole dance. They all have their own styles and ways to express themselves. But none of them is lost, as long as they wander in their platform shoes. Exotic pole dancing makes wonders to a person’s self esteem.“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Terhi Tavi
  • Participating students :
    • Emma Tolonen (Pole dance)
    • Maaret Näkkäläjärvi (Pole dance)
    • Ella Laitinen (Pole dance)
    • Terhi Tavi (Hand balance & Pole dance)
  • Other performers:
    • Pekka Mikkonen (Lap dance)
    • Tintti Mikkonen (Pole dance)
    • Sini-Susanna Paavilainen (Pole dance)
    • Piia Henttinen (Whip cracking)

🏫 Turku UAS, Arts Academy

📍 Turku, Finland

🌐 Website : https://www.tuas.fi/en

✉️ Contact : terhitster@gmail.com

© www.bensound.com

"Accumulation", NICA 🇦🇺 Prahran, Australia

“This piece is inspired by Trisha Brown’s “Primary Accumulation”, which involves a sequence of gestures that are accumulated and repeated over the course of the dance to reveal the final sequence at the end. I took inspiration from the clear, deliberate and sustained movement vocabulary of Brown’s piece and thus created my own.The movement vocabulary of my piece is restricted to a single plane and had to be able to be performed with either my legs or arms. This shifted the focus from the movement itself to the precise, sustained,and isolated nature of it. The repetitive and constant quality of my actions is contrasted with the changing movement of both the settings I placed myself in and the duration of the cuts between shots.“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Rose Symons
  • Participating students :
    • Rose Symons

🏫 NICA 📍 Prahran, Australia

🌐 Website : www.nica.com.au

© Piano Moment by Zakhar Valaha Music

"Chaos with a System", NICA 🇦🇺 Prahran, Australia

“The aim of this piece was to experiment with the trapeze being rigged so low that the bar and over a meter of the rope touch the floor. I decided to wrap myself in a way that allowed me to be suspended from the floor, comfortable and able to move around so I could focus on what I could do in that range of motion. Moving in circles, lines and other geometric shapes and pathways, I wanted to make these pathways visible. I decided to use chalk, starting with a small pile right under the trapeze then spreading it through movement and seeing what shapes and patterns appeared. I enjoyed experiencing limits in space and seeing how far I could move into space while being attached to the trapeze. Me in space - the chalk in space – me and the chalk in space – can the chalk go further than me?“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Zaelea Nolte :
  • Participating students :
    • Zaelea Nolte


📍 Prahran, Australia

🌐 Website : www.nica.com.au

© Baby by DakhaBrakha

"WANDER" (“ERRER”), Codarts 🇳🇱 Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Did you ever wonder about what your circus apparatuses are doing when you are not watching them? We were... So we started weeks of investigation. Finally, we are able to present to you the secret life of Willie the wheel.“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Lotte Sterringa
    • Susana González Blanco
    • Clarisse Baudoin
  • Participating students :
    • Lotte Sterringa (Cyr wheel / Codarts)
    • Susana González Blanco (Dance trapeze / Codarts)
    • Clarisse Baudoin (Cyr wheel - Erasmus+ student exchange / CNAC)

🏫 Codarts

📍 Rotterdam, Netherlands

🌐 Website : www.codarts.nl

© The Homeless Wanderer - Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou


"JHD", NICA 🇦🇺 Prahran, Australia

“I started off with the idea of a juggling act inspired by the Wes Peden Hotel Act, and I wanted to create this as a duo act, however our juggling styles clashed and this was a challenge. Eventually we started from scratch making our own individual pieces. I took the challenge of combining both my specialities of hoop diving and juggling. I noticed that many acts would be confined to a small circle - but for this pieceI tried to create three separate circles with which my act existed (for ball, hoop and clubs). These elements were pieced together effectively. I found that many juggling videos use static camera angles -so I tried to create unexpected and surprising motion in the clip by exploring ways of placing and manipulating the camera.“


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Jesse Holden
  • Participating students :
    • Jesse Holden


📍 Prahran, Australia

🌐 Website : www.nica.com.au

© Lento - Rudy Mancuso

"Dreams", Amoukanama 🇬🇳 Conakry, Guinea

“We were looking for the spirit of Amoukanama and how to present it to a broader audience. It was a first attempt with the images we have collected in the last years and we wanted Fanta, one of our youngest acrobats, to tell the dream of the young people who are at the heart of our association. You can hear her voice together with the voice of Alseny Sacko, one of the founders. When we got the call for TRACES, we found that the video fit well in the theme as it shows how we use daily our sense of wonder to find courage and determination to work, create, imagine and share. The video also shows how the acrobats use their daily environment to create some joy and wonder on the streets of Conakry. Images were given by the students and people who visited our school. Nathalie, cofounder, put them together in a story coherent with who Amoukanama is.“ 


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • The images were taken by the students (Facinet Camara, Alseny Sacko) and people visiting our school in Guinea (Said Mouhssine and Marjolijn Prins)
  • Participating students :
    • Fanta Camara (Contortionist, Acrobatics)
    • Facinet Camara (Chinese pole, Acrobatics, Juggling)
    • Yamoussa Bangoura (Acrobatics, Straps, Juggling)
    • Ibrahima sory Bangoura (Flyer, Acrobatics, ultiskilled!)
    • and so many others...

🏫 Amoukanama

📍Conakry, Guinea

🌐 Website : https://amoukanama.org

✉️ Contact : amoukanama224@gmail.com

© Music: Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté - Jarabi. Video: Marjolijn Prins - Eline Adriaensen - Nathalie Vandenabeele

"Wondeful public courses", Le Samovar 🇫🇷 Bagnolet, France

“Cette vidéo a été créée à partir des captations des cours publics de la formation professionnelle du Samovar. Elle rassemble les moments magiques des apprenti·es clown·es, en présence du public et sous l’impulsion des professeurs. On peut y voir les promotions des 1ère et 2e année de la saison 2021-2022 en pleine exploration de leur personnage dans des passages en solo, duo ou en groupe. La rencontre avec le public est toujours un formidable révélateur qui aide les comédien·ne·s à se surpasser. Le véritable défi dans la création de cette vidéo a été de sélectionner des séquences qui illustrent la beauté de l’instant.“


  • Participating students :
    • Elèves de 1ère année de la formation professionnelle 21-22 (clown·es) :
    • Amélie BRUNIER
    • Martina CAMORIANO
    • Pierre-Damien CEPAS
    • Louise DAGUERRE
    • Doriane EMERIT
    • Louis FLEURY
    • Bastien GONZALES
    • Rachel MASUREL
    • Hélène NOUSBAUM
    • Tamata NOVAC DUONG
    • Louna RICHARD
  • Élèves de 2e année de la formation professionnelle 21-22 (clown·es) :
    • Zoé BOURDAUD
    • Marie BRETECHER
    • Daryl CHARBIT
    • Romaric CORNU
    • Colin DURUP
    • Colette GENEVAUX
    • Emiliano HASAN
    • Julie HEWUSZ
    • Clémence JULLIARD
    • Morgane LE CUFF
    • Nidal NAITIJJA
    • Noémie PICHEREAU
    • Léa ROBLOT
    • Elise ROTH-FAUGERE
    • Karim TERNANE
    • Aurélien WEISS

🏫 Le Samovar

📍Bagnolet, France

🌐 Website : https://lesamovar.net

✉️ Contact : communication@lesamovar.net

© Mathieu Lafrance (captation et montage vidéo)

"Tissures" (“Imaginary layers”), Ecole nationale de cirque 🇨🇦 Montréal, Canada

"Mystery is the best craftsman of the marvelous" - Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Night

In TISSURES, the viewer is an actor in his own right. Indeed, the latter has to work his sense of imagination to finish the images proposed by the film. He works in collaboration with the videographer and the circus artist to finish the images presented on the screen. The marvelous is then created by the imagination of each one. In addition, this visual project consists of filming aerial straps but focusing on details that are more precise than the complete artist: a hand, half a face, a different angle. Nothing has to be precise, nothing is concrete. We find a projection, a reflection, a shadow, a silhouette, a blur of movement. Through this, the film wishes to convey a calm and serene atmosphere, a soft and magical texture. Is it a dream? Is it an ecstasy? Is it a memory?”


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Réalisation : Nathan Sterchi / Assistance à la réalisation : Léann Gingras
  • Participating students :
    • Zoé Schubert (Sangles aériennes / Straps)

🏫 Ecole Nationale de cirque de Montréal

📍Montréal, Canada 🌐

Website : www.ecolenationaledecirque.ca

✉️ Contact : ifournier@enc.qc.ca

© Progressive progress de Howard Harper-Barnes

"What the why?", NICA 🇦🇺 Prahran, Australia

“From early on I was inspired by the contrasting elements of sudden drops performed by the human body and the poetic beauty of soft floaty props such as for me, a sheet.For some reason it occurred to me to add tape to the mix and this led to a whole new world of possibilities. At first I tried to find a coherent thread with a song and storyline and then turned to BrianEno for help. That is, I own a set of cards called Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno - a collection of prompts to help with artistic blockages. So, I picked a card and mine said: give the game away. Although this is completely chance, I interpreted it as being honest about my process and embracing the chaos that it was. This led me to creating a chaotic, absurd and highly fun video.”


  • Directors / Artistic team :
    • Gabriel Walker
  • Participating students :
    • Gabriel Walker


📍Prahran, Australia

🌐 Website : www.nica.com.au

© Music: Through the Leaves by Alan Gogoll

École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault (ENCC), 🇫🇷 Châtellerault, France

“Our reflection on the proposed theme "Wonder" was based on the work "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. During 9 sessions of experimentation with the students of CPES arts du cirque, we centered our research on the acrobatic movement while trying to develop their artistic vision and to stimulate their capacity of creation and autonomy.”


  • Stage Director / Metteur en piste :
    • Iesu ESCALANTE
  • Participating students :
    • Classe de CPES arts du cirque (Acro danse) :
      • Pedro CHUMBINHO
      • Mariana CONTI ARGÜELLO
      • Manuel RODRIGUES
      • Maxime HARANT
      • Nina SALEUR
      • Zoé MYON
      • Jules NEYRET
      • Maïwenn MARION
      • Agnes RIEDEL

🏫 École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault

📍Châtellerault, France

🌐 Website : https://ecoledecirque.org

✉️ Contact : direction@ecoledecirque.org

© Musique : Andrés RODRIGUEZ BRAVO

“Midsummer Night’s Dreamers”, Imre Baross 🇭🇺 Budapest, Hungary

“The video shows an excerpt of our performance of Midsummer Night’s Dreamers based on William Shakespeare’s classic comedy coming alive through the medium of the circus.The story brought into being by adapter and director Gábor Dénes Kovács and composer Áron Romhányi dances on the boundary between dream and reality by having miracle as its central element. The play came into being with the intention of creating a new genre – the circus musical, in which traditional elements of circus arts by means of music and dance form a harmonious whole with acting. The performance was put on stage in the ring of the Capital Circus of Budapest on 23 March 2022 before the World Circus Day. All the proceeds were offered to help the refugees of the Russia-Ukraine war happening next door. The VIPs of the show were the Ukrainian circus arts students, their parents and teachers seeking refuge in Hungary. Thus, they had a part in creating miracles.”


  • Director / Metteur en piste :
    • Gábor Dénes KOVÁCS (director) and Imre Baross Academy of Circus and Performing Arts
  • Participating students :
    • Áron ROMHÁNYI (Composer),
    • Gábor Dénes KOVÁCS (Librettist),
    • Tamás SZONDI, Brigitta CSEKE and Viktória MOHÁCSI (Actors),
    • Sarolta SZEGŐ and Nóra Julianna GYÖRE (Aerial silks),
    • Zoé KRIVANEK and Bence KOLLÁR (Aerial straps),
    • Kevin NITAS and Ferdinánd DONERT (Chinese pole),
    • István HANUSZ and Armand MIKOVINYI (Juggling),
    • Zsolt CZIBERE (Free ladder),
    • Sarolta SZEGŐ, Nikolett BARTALUS, Krisztofer BÁN, Patrik KALÓ, Sayed ABDELHAMID and András LENGYEL (Acrobatic ensemble),
    • Róbert Márk HORVÁTH, Botond BARTUS, Viktória BENEDEK, Katalin BÁTHORY, Dominik HRISTOV-TODOROV, Sára NAGYHEGYI, Zsófia BAGYIN, Blanka NAGY, Renáta BUZÁS, Virág WETZL, Petra MIKNAI, Nóra STEIGERWALD, Laura NAGY, Réka Laura KIRÁLY, Cintia TÓTH, Lilla LIPCSEI, Gergely SZABÓ, Olivér NITAS, Anna STEPANIAN, Olivér BUTI, András JAGUDITS, Lorin SZAKÁCS, Kinga DIENES, Boglárka BARTHA, Anna USAKOVA, Levente HELLENPÁRT, Fanni KONCZ (Ensemble).
    • Bianka BOKÁNYI, Lóránt NAGY, Richárd SZKOKÁN, Enikő WETZL.

🏫 Imre Baross

📍 Budapest, Hungary

🌐 Website : http://circuschool.hu

✉️ Contact : molnar.erika@biak.hu

© Áron ROMHÁNYI and Gábor Dénes KOVÁCS

“One Man, One Ladder”, NICA 🇦🇺 Prahran, Australia

“My purpose in creating this contemporary composition piece was to explore movement that responded to a unique apparatus. This apparatus consisted of a freestanding ladder rigged up to a pair of straps. As this apparatus created unpredictable patterns of movement, I chose to devise my piece using improvisation in a structured way. This meant that I decided on several different positions that the apparatus would be in and then came up with some movement qualities to focus on for each ladder height / position. From there, I improvised with the apparatus in each position to form the basis of my piece. This form of devising can be seen in the sketches I prepared prior to filming.”


  • Director / Artistic team :
    • Luca Trimboli
  • Participating students :
    • Luca Trimboli


📍Prahran, Australia

🌐 Website : www.nica.com.au

© Music: Classical Gas - Hugo Montenegro

TRACES is a project supported by the Erasmus+ programme.