The videos of the 5 chapters created during the 1st continuous training session INTENTS "Verticality, weight and gravity" that was held at ENACR, France from 30/03/2015 to 03/04/2015 are available on our INTENTS Youtube playlist :

INTENTS 2015 - Chapter 1: “What training is needed for a vertical composition?” by Roberto Magro

INTENTS 2015 - Chapter 2: “Using movement principles for curriculum development” by Clare Anderson

INTENTS 2015 - Chapter 3: “Teaching methods at the Lido, or how movement becomes meaningful” by Marie-Céline Daubagna

INTENTS 2015 - Chapter 4: "Suspension" by Chloé Moglia

INTENTS 2015 - Chapter 5: Conclusive reflections on the session

We thank the CNAC for mobilizing CNAC.TV, the audiovisual production unit of CNAC’s Resource Center who filmed and edited each session.