• Cerep researchers visiting CADC Balthazar

As INTENTS project partner carried by the FFEC, the CADC Balthazar hosted Cerep researchers. The researchers came to observe teachers in work situations in the framework of the INTENTS project that includes the development of the competency framework SAVOIRS01 of the profession of circus arts teachers.

They filmed the classes and made self-confrontation interviews with teachers and the educational staff who commented images of themselves and their teaching practices. They also viewed the work and archives in order to identify the skills, understand the practices and models in art education in formal as well as informal situations.


  • 2nd INTENTS continuous training session for circus arts teachers on the topic of the propulsions – 13.03-18.03.2016 @ SAB, Germany

The second Continuous training session for circus arts teachers on the notions of the propulsions took place in Berlin, Germany from 13th until 18th March 2016.

 All in all, 36 people attended training session. 29 teachers from 28 disciplines participated in the course as specialists in cross-cutting issues of transfers and artistic developments in teaching propulsion disciplines and 20 FEDEC schools, 19 of which are partners of the INTENTS project, were represented.

28 represented disciplines enabled a rich and diverse exchange of points of view and methods:

Trampoline, Acrobatics, Hand-balancing, Korean plank, Hungarian plank, Aerials,  Juggling, Trapeze, Partner acrobatics/Acrobalance, Artistic and stage counselor, Dance, Rigging, Russian Swing, Russian bar, Acrobatic Research, German Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Theatre, Artistic creation, Dramaturgy, Anatomy, Physiology, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Physical Preparation, Chinese pole, Swinging Trapeze, Flying rope

Arnaud Thomas, teaching at CNAC, was in charge of the training course’s educational coordination. 4 presentations were given by Arnaud Thomas himself (CNAC), Janne Rosén (DOCH), Yuri Sakalov (ESAC) and Gaëtan Levêque (Collectif AOC).

Moreover, the whole course was filmed and observed by the researchers from the CEREP – University of Reims (France), gathering data for the continuous training programme model and SAVOIRS01 – future framework of competencies of teachers.

All the participants welcomed the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their teaching practices.

A huge thank you to the SABerlin for hosting the session, mobilizing its students, to Die Etage for hosting a visit and showing students performances and to all participants!

More info on the project on the page INTENTS