FEDEC’s administrators and team will meet during two days and work together on the upcoming activities.

The FEDEC was also present at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain under the Big Top of the Cirque Phénix. Once again, the line-up and the winners was composed of students and graduates of FEDEC schools.

Gold medal :

  • Cirque "La Compagnie"

Baptiste Clerc (ENC Montréal), Boris Fodella (Piste d'Azur, ENACR, ENC Montréal), Zachary Arnaud (ENACR, ENC Montréal)

Chinese mat, Teeterboard, France, Switzerland (+ Président de la République prize, Ville de Paris prize)

Silver medal :

  • Korri Singh Aulakh (NCCA, ENC Montréal)
    Flying trapeze, United Kingdom
  • Jose & Dany (ESAC)
    Aerial cradle, Argentina (+ Moulin Rouge prize, Audience prize)

Bronze medal :

  • Masha Terentieva (ENC Montréal)
    Aerial acrobatics, Canada (+ Lido de Paris award, Cirque du soleil trophee, Telmondis prize, Club du cirque prize)
  • Rémi Lasvènes (Lido)
    Juggling, France (+ Yuri Nikulin trophee, Arte prize, Chinese acorbats association trophee, Bretagne Circus trophee)

Jury special prizes :

Cirque Phéni trophee :

  • LJ Marles (NCCA)
    Straps, United Kingdom

EDS agency trophee :

  • Onni Toivonen (DOCH)
    Juggling, Finland

FEDEC members were again part of the jury this year : 

Valérie Fratellini (pedagogical director, Académie Fratellini) & Eric Langlois (general director, Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montréal).

Discover the complete winners list here.

The ENACR was present with its 1st year students for the technical set-up. Well done, everybody!

To see the performances again, go to the ARTE website.