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The third continuous training session for teachers in circus arts focused on balance and the support based on hand-to-hand, hand balance and wire.

This training session took place from Monday 6 to Saturday 11 March 2017 and was hosted by the Scuola di Cirko Vertigo. Soren Flor, head coach at AFUK / AMOC, did the educational coordination of the session, supported by Martine Leroy, external consultant and present in Turin over the 6 days.

A total of 28 participants participated in the training session, including 26 teachers from at least 26 disciplines, which allowed an exchange rich in points of view and methodologies: balancing, aerial, acrobatics, wire, hand-to-hand, handstand, rigging, juggling, gymnastics, movement, posture, injury prevention, physical strength and preparation, acrodance, partner acrobatics, balance on a ball, Chinese chops and towels juggling, artistic bicycle, foot juggling, swinging trapeze, teeterboard, Chinese pole, aerial straps, Washington trapeze, acrobatic bike, stunt.

The adopted methodology was broadly the same as in 2015 and 2016, although some developments could be noted: programme integrating work with a class of students from the host school over the week, a thematic preparatory work proposed to the participants by the educational coordinator, group work.

Five presentations were given by Glen Stewart (NCCA), James Mc Cambridge (NCCA), Camilla Damkjaer (DOCH), Arian Miluka (Scuola di Cirko Vertigo) and Mahmoud Louertani (CRAC Lomme). In addition, the session was fully filmed and observed by the CEREP researchers, collecting data for the guide to training engineering and SAVOIRS01 - the future competency framework for teachers.

The participants took a positive record of the experience of discussing and reflecting on their teaching practices for the disciplines of balance, of discovering and sharing research, innovations and tools available for teachers. Several interesting proposals were made to improve the format of a possible future series of training for teachers. For example:

- need for external input from other important roles in a creation project (theatre teachers, contemporary dance, ballet, riggers…)

- need to work on the ability to adapt to new research themes

The FFEC and the FEDEC would like to thank the Vertigo school its students and team for their wonderful reception throughout the week, the 5 speakers above mentioned, Agathe Dumont, associate author, Vincent Grosstephan and Tony Froissart for their observation work all week and support to the pedagogical coordinator, the sending schools and their coordinating team.