The Workshop was preceded by the Codarts Conference which dealt with one of the MAILLONS 03 topics addressed in 2014: Health and Well-being.

Janine Stubbe, professor of Performing Arts Medicine, presented the Health and Well-being department and the Student Life system set up at Codarts. She was assisted by Diana van Wilden, a PhD student who was nominated for the Young Talent Award in research.

Three Codarts students (Toesi Mizai Kobi, Stefan Bauer and Tarek Ramo) presented their end-of-studies theoretical project on injury and mental health.

MAILLONS joined this conference in order to be able to consider and discuss together the issue of injury in the student training process, as well as address this matter from the point of view of both the student and the school via 3 table discussions

  • Table 1: injury prevention, physical preparation, workload & time management
  • Table 2: frustration of the injury and surpassing it
  • Table 3: influence on the injury on the artistic process