Roser Segura and Dominique Toutlemonde opened the school in 1994.

In 1998, the school wrote the official order for a pioneering course in partnership with the French Ministry of Education: the 1st cohort of pupils began their literary baccalaureate with Circus Arts as an option.

In 2015, the school celebrated its 20th anniversary and started rewriting the institution and educational project to remain in line with the current positioning of the circus in France and abroad.

The Circus Arts option at the ENCC is an initial training programme conducted in conditions which remain unique in France: it is run entirely by a permanent team of performing arts specialists and consists of supplementary hours financed by the French Ministry of Culture, all enabling pupils to consider which direction they will take in graduate schools.

The ENCC also supports young companies in residence through Further Training Programmes.

The ENCC’s educational project considers pupils’ own individual characteristics and encourages them to build their independence and find their own artistic pathway. It takes a multidisciplinary teaching approach with time built in for exploration, all the while aiming for fully-rounded and fulfilling circus excellence.

Curriculum offered

Literary baccalaureate with Circus Arts option

  • 3 year course covering the three years of higher secondary education (lessons for the literary baccalaureate are delivered at the Lycée Marcelin Berthelot),
  • Level on completion: Literary baccalaureate with Circus Arts option.

Residency support

  • For project throughout the year
  • Duration of support depends on project
  • No end qualification

Literary baccalaureate with Circus Arts option

Entry requirements: admission into 1st year of higher secondary education

Application process:

  • fill in the application form,
  • take part in a selection day.

Selection process for entering 1st year of higher secondary education:

  • School report,
  • Interview,
  • 5 circus workshops: acrobatics, balancing, dance, acting and physical fitness.

Residency support

  • Application form to be completed (application on request),
  • The application is examined by the team,
  • Depending on the request and when possible, an individual project is proposed (loan of premises and/or set building and/or communication and/or further training, etc.).