The Flic Circus School is located in central Turin in an old 3,000m2 building which was the historic seat of the Reale Società Ginnastica (Royal Gymnastics Society). In 2015, a new 700 m2 area was opened on the outskirts, dedicated to open training for students, professionals and amateurs. It is also used for courses for professionals and to host artists in residence.

The Flic Circus School was founded in 2002 by the Reale Società Ginnastica di Torino. It is funded by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and is on the shortlist of six national vocational training projects selected for 2015-2017. It is also funded by the Piedmont Region and sponsored by the City of Turin.

The school’s educational project offers physical/technical training combined with artistic research, aiming to create a new contemporary circus language. One of the school’s chief goals is the integration of students into the professional world. Flic focuses on building a personal identity of the contemporary circus artist, with a special emphasis on the student as an individual, seeking to perceive and develop everyone’s potential and ambitions as an individual and in group work.

Curriculum offered

The training course is based on a consolidated study programme developed in daily lessons with compulsory attendance from Monday to Friday.

  • Preparatory training: “Upskilling” (1 year full-time)
  • Vocational contemporary circus artist training: 2 year professional development course (2 years full-time)
  • Individual artistic research: 3rd year of individual artistic research (1 year full-time  )

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Entry requirements vary depending on which training programme is chosen.

You must audition in order to access any of the three training programmes.

The vocational training application form is available on our website