Piste d’Azur was founded in October 2002 to take over the ‘circus’ activities of Les Campelières. The Piste d’Azur management team are all former pupils of Les Campelières School and are involved in continuing its work which began over 20 years ago!

As a PACA Regional Centre, Piste d'Azur develops a whole host of initiatives and activities to promote the wide range of circus arts, including amateur practice, artistic and cultural education, a resource centre, vocational training programmes, professional integration, events, festivals and conventions.

It offers two types of vocational training programmes. The 2 year circus artist course mainly focuses on preparing pupils for the graduate school entrance examinations and the circus artist profession. Since 2015, Piste d'Azur and the Arc En Cirque – Chambéry and the CADC Balthazar – Montpellier training centres have joined forces within the ProCirK network which issues a Level III “Circus and Movement Artist” qualification registered with the French National Register of Professional Certifications. The circus trainer course prepares students for two qualifications: the Circus Arts Instructor Certificate (BIAC) and the Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sports (BPJEPS).

With the hallmark of popular education, the educational project is based on the three cornerstones of Autonomy, Responsibility and Encounter. It aims to guide individuals in their personal and professional development whilst helping them become informed citizens engaged in their surroundings.

Piste d’Azur is a member of the French Federation of Circus Schools (FFEC) and the Regional Federation of Circus Schools (FREC Méditerranée).

It is accredited by the FFEC as a leisure practice organisation and a vocational training centre.

Piste d'Azur has been a Common Interest Co-operative Society (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif) since January 2016 and is proud of its affiliation with the Social and Solidarity Economy movement based on the supremacy of the individual over capital and its deep roots serving a region.

Curriculum offered

Artistic vocational training:

Both of these artistic training pathways are accessible by selection (application + auditions) for people aged 16 and over.

  • Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sports(BPJEPS): This is a Level IV Activity Leader State qualification. It certifies the acquisition of a professional responsibility qualification, for educational or social purposes, in the fields of physical, sports, socio-educational or cultural activities. Starts October 2017
  • Circus Arts Instructor Certificate(BIAC): This is a federal, multidisciplinary certificate for people from FFEC circus schools, either accredited schools or ones which have started a quality process, who wish to become involved in awareness and discovery of Circus Arts. It is the first stage in a training process for people who later would like to undertake teacher training in circus activities. Entry requirements: 20 May 2017. Theory course: 27 June - 6 July 2017.

Entry requirements:

  • be at least 16 years old
  • be physically capable of intensive physical exercise
  • pass the course entry selection process

Candidates fill in an application form and those selected based on their applications will be called for auditions (2 days).

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